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BLOG > September 2023 > Standby Power Is As Important To Business As The People, Products & Customers

Standby Power Is As Important To Business As The People, Products & Customers

Power Outages + No Standby Power = Lost Opportunities, Revenue And Losing To The Competition    

Downtime means lost money, smaller paychecks for everybody and missed opportunities! Extreme weather, rolling blackouts, increased demand for electricity with the rise of more electronic devices and EVs, and finally, you have the aging power grid. All these factors add up to more power outages and downtime. Do you have standby power to keep your business hitting on all cylinders when s*** hits the fan?

Industry cannot function without power! Hospitals are a prime example. If your loved one is on life support or prepping for surgery, how well do you think a hospital would fare if it didn’t have power? No lights, no systems running—not a very pleasant picture! Data centers, government buildings, hotels, resorts, diaries, farms, factories, zoos, buildings with elevators, supermarkets, newer gas stations--- all these industries count on standby power!IMG_2178-(Custom).JPG

Why should your business have standby power? Simple—you can work safer, avoid downtime, save product, and never miss a beat. A standby or backup generator will power your cold storage if you need to keep products cold or cooling for computer systems. If you operate in a warm region, the air conditioner will continue to cool your workforce, keeping them comfortable and productive. If you operate somewhere cold, well, a generator can also keep the heat, in addition to the lights on—business as usual!

Productivity. If you remain powered when an outage hits thanks to a standby generator, production can go on as planned without a hitch. That means goals can still be met, nobody misses out on hours, and the company can meet objectives while continuing to deliver to its customers.

Competition. What if you have a manufacturing facility and produce 2,000 products a day. Your competition is a couple hundred miles away, but a storm hits the region and both your company and their facility see an outage for three days? Well, which ever company has a standby generator can keep producing products and might even be able to meet tight deadlines with the added business they receive from the angry customers that bought from the other company, and now who can’t deliver. Do you have the edge or are you going to be the one losing sales?

Maybe it’s an ice cream shop in Michigan or a restaurant in Southern California? If you can’t keep the ice cream cold in a Michigan summer, you might lose your entire inventory with a prolonged outage and no standby power. At the SoCal restaurant, if you can’t keep the lights on, cooking services powered or even the AC or heater supplying a comfortable temperature for your customers, nobody is going to come to your business to eat. If you had a standby generator, you might be the only place with lights, power, and food in the area! People will find you and remember next time! 
Adding an asset to your portfolio like a standby generator can mean the difference from shutting down or continuing with business as normal. The opportunity is there to prepare for the worst-case scenario. If you want to set your business apart from the rest of the field and remain operational when the rest of the businesses are scrambling with ice blocks, fans and flashlights—then give us a call at Generator Source.

We have experts ready to assess your power needs and get you the necessary unit to get the job done. Outages will only become more common, does your business want to evolve with the times or are you ready to take the loss? Click here or call (866) 518-1240 to speak with a representative today and take action.


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