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Removing Backup Power Equipment

Basic Power Generation Equipment

Pump Room Control and Distribution Panel
The emergency generator is a combination of an engine, alternator, engine fuel, and cooling system. This comprises the power generation portion of the backup power system. 

All backup or emergency power systems require generator support or auxiliary systems. Generators for outdoor use are often constructed in a sound attenuated container. This is a complete system and does not need an engine auxiliary system to support its operation.

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) transfers the load from the utility supply to the emergency generator supply during power failures. Once utility power is returned, the switch returns to normal position. All automated systems contain this switch. It is removed during facility shutdown or can be replaced with backup power upgrades.

Some buildings have a dedicated system that requires emergency power automatically. Pumping stations are an example of this application. A controls and distribution panel allows critical pumps to be started during a power failure. Circuit breakers and smaller distribution panels are common in basic backup power systems.  

Factories that have backup power for functions such as emergency lighting and security systems require a control or distribution panel to distribute power to selected emergency systems. Diesel generators located indoors in a maintenance room can have a day tank that is supplied by a primary fuel tank. When fuel level drop below a predetermined point in the day tank, a motor energizes and pumps from the primary tank. Once the day tank reaches the desired level, the pump shuts off. This external fuel system for the generator can be a part of a basic system. 

All emergency power generation systems share the same supporting equipment requirements:
  • Method to transfer generated power to the grid
  • Method to transfer distribute power to needed circuits
  • Overload protection (circuit breakers)
  • Generator engine auxiliary systems (fuel systems indoor diesel generator applications)
Although the equipment is advanced, the system design is basic. The emergency power application dictates the design and equipment used in the construction. We can remove any equipment associated with a basic power generation system. Contact Us with any questions. 

Equipment Employed in Advanced Systems

Industrial Control and Distribution Panel
Hospitals and data centers are examples of facilities that utilize advanced backup power systems. Both have a requirement for constant uninterruptible power. These systems use state-of-the-art design and equipment to achieve constant power. The emergency power generation supporting requirements are the same as the basic system. 

A control and distribution system routes emergency power to critical circuits in the building and is considered the heart of the distribution system. System size, application, and power needs determine the equipment used. Some of the additional equipment associated with complex systems are:
  • Generator Control Panel - Acts as a master controller in multiple generator arrangements. Each generator is a slave and communicates with the master. This panel can have paralleling capabilities.
  • Specialty Control Panels - Panels for individual system controls, such as tank level system. 
  • Generator Remotes Alarms - Remote alarm and monitoring panels located in pre-determined locations. Provides alarm and monitoring functions for the generator. Some panels feature controls functions.
  • Switching and Configuration - Allows for vital circuits to be energized during a power outage and can provide circuit protection.
  • Generator Auxiliary Systems - Any equipment that supports the operation of the generator. Engine fuel and cooling supply in most indoor systems.
  • Transformers - Used to step-up or step-down generator output power. Interfaced with controls and distribution panels.
The above list is a general example of equipment used in an advanced system. Many other system specific controllers that require constant power can be on the backup power grid.

Data Centers
Data centers offer a different mix of equipment. The equipment that comprises the IT infrastructure is the production portion of the facility. It has own support systems. Our partnerships allow us to remove and purchase all of the support equipment associated with a data center. Backup power supply, Internal room coolers, and external refrigerant units are some examples of this style of equipment. 

We can remove and purchase equipment associated with any backup or emergency power generation system. We also can partner with your vendors or our established vendors to completely decommission, purchase and remove all data center equipment. Contact Us for more information. 


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