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For over 35 years we’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the low-hour used generator and industrial power generation equipment industry. Now we want to pass that electrifying knowledge onto you. Join us as we explore the many facets of the generator industry, news, hot topics, common problems, and everyday situations we run into while working on, buying and selling industrial and commercial generators.

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How an Industrial Backup Generator Can Benefit Your Business

Every profitable business in the modern age will have a preparedness plan which will include owning a reliable backup industrial generator for their operations. By having a used industrial generator installed at the place of commerce any business interruptions during a power outage will be mitigated. Any electricity downtime due to power loss at a business will result in lost revenue which could have easily been avoided by investing in a used industrial generator from Generator Source.

Kyle Smith | 12/21/2021 9:13:04 AM | 0 comments

Natural Gas Generators For Data Centers

3 Reasons To Consider A Natural Gas Generator For A Data Center

A new white paper from INNIO explores three primary benefits that data center operators can see with fast-start natural gas generators: 1ST is increased reliability 2ND is reduced emissions, and 3RD is opportunities to monetize stranded assets.  

Kyle Smith | 11/11/2021 8:58:24 AM | 0 comments

Emergency Standby Power For Manufacturing

The backbone of America’s economy relies on industrial power generator manufacturers. This industry encompasses everything from furniture and medical equipment to vehicles, plastics, aerospace, lodging and much more. Whenever the power grid goes down due to electricity failures or inclement weather, a modern business will suffer inventory losses, operational downtime, and equipment failures which leads to millions in lost revenue.

Kyle Smith | 11/4/2021 10:42:23 AM | 0 comments

600kW Caterpillar Purchase Case Study

New Arrival-600kW Caterpillar GenSet

Generator Source had a recent purchasing opportunity on a 600kW Caterpillar generator going out of service due to the seller purchasing a bigger building and the generator was not included in the sale.

The seller chose to do business with Generator Source because the generator had to be removed within a week from initial contact. The work would then fall on our team to uninstall the generator and transport the generator to our yard in Brighton Colorado - a big task for any used generator business.

Kyle Smith | 10/13/2021 10:04:25 AM | 0 comments

Used Generators For Industrial Data Centers

Data centers are essential facilities in today’s modern world. Every industry you can imagine, from medical facilities to landscaping services, will use data centers to host their products that are used in their respective business operations. Modern technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless networks, and cloud computing require the supporting data centers to be operational. Whenever the power grid goes down, these data centers stop servicing all their clients creating massive downstream problems for all the businesses using these data centers for their own operations.

Kyle Smith | 9/30/2021 10:22:37 AM | 0 comments