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Emergency Generator Asset Recovery

What is Asset Recovery?
Asset Recovery of a Caterpillar Generator
Asset recovery is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life assets through active reuse or divestment. Asset recovery is also used to describe the process of liquidating excess inventory, refurbished items and equipment returned at end of lease, you can visit the Wikipedia Asset Recovery page for a complete description.

Asset recovery is often divided into the following:
  • Identification – Assets that do not satisfy needs should be classified for redeployment or divestment. These can be in any form, including fixed and mobile equipment.
  • Classification - Idle or surplus assets can be either capital assets or non-capital surplus.
  • Redeployment – Moving an idle asset to a different part of the organization. Many times this is not a viable option when upgrading fixed equipment, such as emergency generator sets.
  • Disposition – Process of either selling, scraping, recycling, donating or disposing of an asset. When completed correctly, company obtains capital that can be placed back into the business.
  • Investment Recovery – Asset Recovery businesses such Generator Source, purchase the used power generation equipment.

Generator Asset Recovery and Equipment Removal Services

Asset Recovery and Removal ServicesMany industries employ emergency generators for backup and standby power needs. These industries range from critical operations (hospitals, data centers, telecom towers, etc.) to non-critical operations (manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, farms, distribution warehouses and more). Many operational requirements can result in an emergency generator upgrade to new or larger equipment. 

We purchase generators (no longer needed from upgrades) and the ancillary used power generation equipment that goes with it like tranformers and automatic transfer switches. These range from indoor applications in facilities to outdoor generators in sound attenuated enclosures.  We also purchase power generation equipment that was never put into service for any reason.

Our Generator Assest Recovery Program provides:
  • Ease of selling generators and swtiching equipment to a single source.
  • We can purchase one or multiple generators used in large facilities.
  • Simplifies the process. We provide decommisioning, cranes and equipment removal, plus clean up services thorughout the United States and Canada.
  • Rapid Respone and Wire Transfers
  • Maximized return on equipment assests.

What is the Value of My Generator?

There are many factors invovolved in determining the value of a good used industiral or commercial generator set.  We have been evaluating generator assets for over 35 years and buy gensets from 20 kW to 4000 kW.  It is important for us to know what the generator is and what shape it is in. This allows us to offer you top dollar for your generator and quickly process your request. To provide an analysis and offer we ask for the following info and pictures:
  • Year and Manufacturer of the Generator
  • How Large it is in kilowatts (kW)
  • Image of Hour Meter Reading
  • Photos of the Outside of the Generator Set
  • Pictures of Generator and Engine ID tags
  • Photo that has a close up of the engine.
If you are intersted in selling any of your assets to us please visit our We Buy Generators page to complete our short information form or contact a purchasing representative now at 800-853-2073. When you contact us for a review please try to include any additional options, service history (if known) and general condition of the generator.


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