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Generator Removal Services

After Generator Decommissioning

Removing Sound Attenuated Enclosures
Once the backup generator is decommissioned, removal steps must be completed. One instance of a generator removal is when an industrial facility (such as a data center or hospital) upgrades emergency power to match higher power requirements from a system upgrade.

The second instance is when a facility is shutting down or moving all equipment to a different building. Additional steps are commonly required for these jobs. Generators in sound attenuated enclosures and generators mounted on a skid are the two main applications for industry.

Each of the applications offers different removal steps and can require different equipment to accomplish the objective. Often the company maintenance force does not have the ability to remove emergency generators. We have the ability to remove the generator after purchase. Our process allows for minimal customer interaction with other outside vendors associated with the process. Sound Attenuated and Skid Mounted are the most common acquisitions.

Sound Attenuated Generator Removal

Complexes that require backup generators to be located outdoors often turn to the sound attenuated option. The engine, alternator and cooling system are mounted on a framework that contains diesel tanks. Natural Gas (NG) fueled engines are connected to utility natural gas supply and do not have the diesel tank option. 

Regulations prohibit shipping a generator with hazardous liquids. Fuel from the tanks and engine liquids must be drained prior to shipping in some states. Generator supply lines to the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) are disconnected. Utility supply lines for interior lighting and battery charger are disconnected and the unit is ready for crane lifting service and shipping. Units located in areas that are heavily wooded or limited access offer an extra level of difficulty. We can provide removal services for all size generator applications.

Removing Indoor Generators

Removing Indoor Generators
Hospitals, data centers and other industries that require constant uninterruptible power often have indoor generator applications. Large operations may use multiple generators operating in parallel. 

We will purchase and remove generators used for indoor applications. The units are complete power generation systems but require auxiliary support systems. The removal steps depend on system size and design. Removal can include:
  • Disconnect ATS and engine start battery charging system
  • Disconnect fuel supply and return from the external day tank
  • Drain engine lubricating, coolant, and fuel systems
  • Disconnect radiator from building louvers
  • Disconnect engine exhaust from building muffler and exhaust
  • Disconnect supply air for engines with an air starter
  • Remove, load and ship generator
  • Dispose of hazardous liquids
The above list is an example of tasks that comprise the generator removal process. Each task has an independent process associated with it. Buildings that have an installed overhead crane mounted on a track system aid in generator transport out of the building. However, some buildings require a forklift and special engineering to remove the generator.

Generator Source has 35+ years in the generator business. We specialize in generator purchase and removal projects. We have found that generator installations are limited only by the facility or complex designer. We can remove generators in most any application. Contact Us with any generator purchase and removal questions.

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