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BLOG > April 2024 > Generator Makers Often Utilize Other Manufacturer’s Engines To Build Gensets

Generator Makers Often Utilize Other Manufacturer’s Engines To Build Gensets

Iveco/ FPT Powertrain Technologies Is Just One Of The Many Engine Options Found In Generators

Common questions we often get at Generator Source are often about the many different generator/engine maker combos and the numerous projects these manufacturers team up on. We receive comments on social, inquiries on the phone, and at tradeshows like “Is Olympian really a CAT? Or is MTU a Detroit Diesel? Or why does a Volvo look like a Cummins? It can be confusing but it’s no different than a Ram Truck powered by Cummins diesel!

“Last week I was helping a client, and he was interested in a Multiquip 80 kW that featured an FPT/Iveco engine,” said Generator Source sales representative Tyson Peyton. “He was looking for power for his farm and really liked the unit but was somewhat hesitant due the engine make—an Iveco (part of FPT Powertrain Technologies – Italy).
“Generac typically features these engines, but as you start to look around the industry, you realize these engines are very common in more gensets,” continued Tyson. “I shared my knowledge about the engines and then asked my client to look up more info online if he was still nervous about the engine before we moved forward. I had shared my information on the engine with the gentleman but left the ball in his court.

“The farmer called the next day after doing some more research,” said Tyson. “He found out not only is the Iveco/FPT unit a good engine in the power industry, but then he also realized he had a handful of them powering his farm equipment already, and he also had a local dealer that serviced them lined up for any future needs.

“The strongest selling point of the Iveco/FPT is its torque ability,” said Tyson. “I’ve been told by customers they prefer this engine for certain applications because they have found the consistent torque helps the generator handle large inrush demands more easily.”

The Generator Source sales team is well versed in all aspects of the generator industry. Some of them have worked as industrial and commercial generator technicians in prior roles, all have generator industry backgrounds and know generators inside and out. See our current inventory of used, surplus and new units here. Start working with one of our experts today for your power needs.

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