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BLOG > November 2023 > MTU 1000 kW Diesel Open Skid Offered In Custom Container Build

MTU 1000 kW Diesel Open Skid Offered In Custom Container Build

Popular Custom Container Builds Not Only Solve Your Standby Power Needs But Add Eye-Catching Weatherproof and Sound Dampening Enclosure  

Our Florida team was able to take an open skid MTU 1000 kW diesel generator to the next level. Our crew of technicians transformed a regular generator into a power module that's now snugly housed in a custom container. It took three technicians about 10+ hours each for the installation. It was a five-day project from start to finish.  

Housing the generator in the container meant premeasuring and making changes to the container as well as adding all connections and anchors in place. The generator was a snug fit. Another obstacle was the generator was very large and delicate, meaning the technicians had to be very careful and precise in moving the generator on the forklift into the container. 

Perks of a container build as opposed to an open skid means the generator can be placed anywhere on the ground on-site shielding it from any and all harsh weather conditions and sun damage. That weather protection keeps sensitive parts from outside forces and damage, ultimately increasing reliability and longevity. 

Thought not fully a sound attenuated enclosure, the container does reduce the sound level on the outside when the generator is running. To see a sample listing of one of these builds, click here71390-2-(Custom).jpg

Brian La Rue | 11/2/2023 10:39:49 AM | 0 comments
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