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BLOG > November 2018 > Caterpillar Generators Supplied to Alaska Utility

Caterpillar Generators Supplied to Alaska Utility

We recently shipped (2) Caterpillar 3608, 2250 kW generators to an electric utility in Alaska.

Alaskan Mountain ViewAlaskan Power Generation

Alaska uses many different styles of power generation to supply electrical power. One coal-fired, six hydroelectric, and one nuclear power plant supply power to the electrical grid. A geothermal power plant supplies Chena Hot Springs Alaska. For a recent breakdownthat that includes 2017 data visit the US Energy Information Administration's Alaska Profile Analysis for more information on electricity.  You can also find  breakouts of Alaskan power generation on this Wikipedia page.

Alaska boasts many styles of power generation contributing to the electrical grid. However, the grid does not reach remote communities. Small villages can have a grid dedicated to their village only. Some larger fishing communities in the northern Bristol Bay area are on an electrical grid that connects multiple towns or villages. Many are quite old, with some settled as early as the mid-1800s.

The fishing and tourism industries combined with advancements in technology increased the demand for dependable power. The need for more styles of communications increased as population increased. The addition of the internet allowed businesses to advertise in a world-wide market. Larger electrical cooperatives that combine multiple towns or villages on a grid can supply services such as electrical power, Internet or Cable TV.

Caterpillar Generators Expand Power for Utility in Alaska

Caterpillar 2250 kW 3608 Generator
Generator Source recently supplied (2) Caterpillar 2250 kW diesel enerators to a remote region in Alaska. The enginneering team from the customer specified and configured these gensets to sync up to the electric grid.  They were interested in adding generation capabilities to the existing system and also allowing system redundancy.

The generators are powered by low-speed, long-life 3608 Caterpillar diesel engines. The engine, generator end and control systems are mounted on a single skid. A vertical radiator installed on an accessory stand allows for ease of cooling the system. A pneumatic engine starter eliminates the need for starting batteries and charging system. Air compressors were supplied to power the air-starting system. We arranged the packing and shipping of the generators. A six-truck caravan left our facility bound for remote Alaska. 

Multiple diesel powered generators connected in parallel is a popular method for fulfilling larger power requirements of a power plant or localized electrical grid. A redundant design is typically employed with multiple parallel generators. With this design, only generators needed to supply the load are running. As the load increases, additional generator(s) can be placed on-line. Standby generators are often used in place of online generators when they have maintenance or repairs performed.

We offer a complete line of new, surplus and pre-owned generators. Each generator must pass a 31-point inspection prior to sale. All generators in our inventory are in-stock and ready to ship, Contact Us with any questions.


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