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BLOG > March 2018 > Nor’Easters Slam Northeast – Updates & Outages

Nor’Easters Slam Northeast – Updates & Outages

If your business is not protected from the threat of a Nor’Easter, or any similar natural disaster or severe weather, now is the time to consider a backup generator. 

Nor'Easter Slams U.S.
Cancellations. Closures. Disrupted Schedules. Loss of Inventory. Financial Disaster.
If you’ve ever lived through a Nor’Easter, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. In the winter, a Nor’Easter typically consists of freezing cold hurricane-force winds, bitter cold temperatures, flooding along the coastline, and heavy rain, sleet or snow. In the summer, a Nor’Easter can be just as unbearable, but with massive amounts of rain instead of snow.

Not only does a Nor’Easter disrupt the lives of people living in its path, but this type of major storm can negatively affect all types of businesses. Power loss due to a severe storm can put lives in danger and can make it impossible to run a business. A Nor’Easter can wreak havoc on everything it touches.
Not yet fully recovered from last week’s storm, which at the peak caused around 150,000 power outages, the third Nor’Easter of 2018 is currently slamming the New England area. The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Maine, New Hampshire and most of Massachusetts, which could receive an additional two feet of snow. As of late Tuesday March 13th, 220,000 were without power and the number was expected to increase.
If your business is not protected from the threat of a Nor’Easter or other severe weather events by having a commercial standby generator installed, now is the time to contact Generator Source. An industrial generator is designed to provide reliable backup power and keeps your business operational during a major storm when grid power is lost.  For a glimpse at the current conditions view the video on this page shots form The Boston Globe as of late Tuesday.
Call Generator Source today. Our experienced sales consultants will match you with the perfect generator to protect your business from the next storm. We ship reliable, gently-used generators quickly. Why choose us? All our inventory is stored on-site in Brighton, Colorado and ready to ship on a moment’s notice. Every diesel generator in our inventory has been inspected, tuned, and load bank tested. Our diesel generators are ready to keep power supplied to your business the next time a Nor’Easter strikes your area.
If you or your business was not affected by a Nor’Easter this winter, now is not the time to breathe a sigh of relief. Remember, hurricane season is just around the corner. And winter will be back before you know it.

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