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BLOG > March 2017 > What is Diesel Fuel?

What is Diesel Fuel?

Discover what makes diesel a unique and reliable energy source. 

Diesel Fuel Tank
Across the country, gas stations are sure to include a few diesel pumps in addition to their regular gasoline offerings. If you’ve only ever hit the road in a sedan, or you’ve never thought to get your own backup generator, then you might not be sure what makes diesel fuel so different from its gasoline counterpart.
If you’ve wondered what diesel fuel is or what used it’s for, then you came to the right place.

What’s the Difference Between Gas and Diesel?

A regular gasoline engine and a diesel engine are essentially the same as they both convert liquid into mechanical energy through a series of small explosions. But there are some key differences between diesel engines and gasoline engines.
The major difference between gas and diesel is the way these explosions take place. Honestly, the difference is highly technical, with the distinction being that diesel engines use a higher compression ratio to achieve a better fuel economy (i.e. better gas mileage).
Diesel engines also don’t use a spark plug to ignite their fuel. In fact, diesel fuel is harder to ignite overall thanks to its lower volatility. Once diesel is evaporated, however, it’s reasonably easy to ignite, which means that diesel engines can operate on compression alone, where gas engines need a good spark plug.

Why Should I Switch to Diesel Fuel?

There are several easily apparent benefits to switching to a diesel engine.
  • Diesel engines get better mileage, whether you’re powering a semi or a refrigerator. In fact, they’re usually 30 percent more efficient than gasoline engines.
  • Diesel fuel is comparably more energy efficient of the two fuels.
  • Since the high compression of diesel engines makes them a little shaky, diesel engines are built tougher. That means they typically last a lot longer than a gasoline engine.

Diesel Fuel is Good for the Economy

Thanks to its clear improvement in efficiency over gasoline, diesel fuel is the choice of 15 key sectors of the economy. It moves the trucks that transfer freight, it powers the machines that harvest crops and mine ore, and diesel keeps the construction industry building.
Without diesel to help propel their machinery, some of the most fundamental (and integral) parts of our nation’s economy wouldn’t be able to support themselves.

Take a Hint From the Pros

When downtime isn’t an option in your business, then you’re going to need a generator. Why not take your cue from the nation’s most successful industries and make sure that you rely on a diesel generator that will last longer, require less fuel, and mean less preventive maintenance.
To learn more about diesel fuel or diesel powered generators, contact Generator Source today!

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