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BLOG > March 2017 > Top 5 Sources of Energy in the US

Top 5 Sources of Energy in the US

A deeper dive into the multiple sources of energy used across America. 

Clean Energy Sources are Part of Equation
For most people, thinking about energy begins and ends with the flick of a light switch. However, there is so much more that goes into the generation of the electricity we use on a daily basis.
The United States alone relies on several different methods for generating the energy that some might take for granted. If you’ve ever wondered which are the most common in the United States, check out the top five energy sources listed below.
Natural Gas
In 2015, natural gas accounted for 32 percent of energy production in the United States. Natural gas comes from shale deposits deep within the Earth. Interestingly enough, the United States currently uses almost 99 percent of the natural gas it produces.
Though it’s produced in more than 30 states across the nation, sixty-five percent of US crude oil comes from five different states: Texas (37%), North Dakota (12%), California (6%), Alaska (5%), and Oklahoma (5%). In terms of international production, the US produces approximately 11 percent of the world’s total crude oil supply.
Coal still accounts for more than 20 percent of energy production in the United States. In fact, most people are unaware that their household electricity may be partially powered by coal. Wyoming produces the most coal in the country, at 40 percent of the total volume, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. In global terms, coal-fired power plants account for 41 percent of electricity production.  
Nuclear Power
Nuclear powered energy still accounts for about 19.5 percent of the country’s electric energy production. The United States currently has 99 active commercial nuclear reactors in about 30 states from coast to coast with a handful of new reactors in the building process. This form of energy production is unique in that it boasts efficient energy production while emitting no carbon dioxide or controlled pollutants.
Renewable Energy
All in all, renewable energy sources only account for about 11 percent of the nation’s total energy production. Though this number is expected to rise in the coming years, “renewable energy” accounts for a lot of different sources of energy including popular options like wind and solar power, as well as geothermal energy, hydropower, and biofuels like ethanol.

As plentiful and varied as the United States’ energy sources are, the nation still hasn’t come up with an energy source that’s one hundred percent reliable. If you have more questions about energy sources in the US or would like to learn more on how you can protect yourself from a potential power issue, contact Generator Source today.

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