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BLOG > June 2023 > Hurricane Season Arrives, Inspectors Busy- Do You Need Service?

Hurricane Season Arrives, Inspectors Busy- Do You Need Service?

Generator Source Service Team Can Help With Maintenance, Get Your Generator Up To Code 

Florida’s Statute Section 509 (553.509) is currently a hot topic as state and city inspectors are out enforcing the regulations as our state gears up for another hurricane season. Is your generator up to code, maintained and ready to provide power should a hurricane hit your region?


 Always prior to the hurricane season, inspectors will follow up on building codes. This is a great time to reach out to generator specialists, like our service and sales team here in Jacksonville.  
This building code takes a technical specialist that understands the operation of transfer switches, generator contacts, has a relationship with local contacts, and knows how to work with elevator technicians and electrical contractors.
Here are just some of the keys the inspectors look for:
1) Elevator runs on E-Power
2) Indicator light on elevator for e-power is operating properly for emergency personnel
3) Working with elevator company to assist with functionality
4) Reviewing points of contact for light and pre-transfer
5) Checking overall elevator functionality and operational details

Our team is detail oriented and will make sure the job is done properly. Learn more about our service options, click here. See some of the projects we’ve handled here. Call with any questions (904) 914-7355.
Here is how the statute reads:
Each person, firm, or corporation that is required to maintain an alternate power source under this subsection shall maintain a written emergency operations plan that details the sequence of operations before, during, and after a natural or manmade disaster or other emergency situations. The plan must include, at a minimum, a life safety plan for evacuation, maintenance of the electrical and lighting supply, and provisions for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents. In addition, the owner, manager, or operator of the residential multifamily dwelling must keep written records of any contracts for alternative power generation equipment. Also, quarterly inspection records of life safety equipment and alternate power generation equipment must be posted in the elevator machine room or other place conspicuous to the elevator inspector, which confirm that such equipment is properly maintained and in good working condition, and copies of contracts for alternate power generation equipment shall be maintained on site for verification. The written emergency operations plan and inspection records shall also be open for periodic inspection by local and state government agencies as deemed necessary. The owner or operator must keep a generator key in a lockbox posted at or near any installed generator unit.
Multistory affordable residential dwellings for persons age 62 and older that are financed or insured by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development must make every effort to obtain grant funding from the Federal Government or the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to comply with this subsection. If an owner of such a residential dwelling cannot comply with the requirements of this subsection, the owner must develop a plan with the local emergency management agency to ensure that residents are evacuated to a place of safety in the event of a power outage resulting from a natural or manmade disaster or other emergency situations that disrupts the normal supply of electricity for an extended period of time. A place of safety may include, but is not limited to, relocation to an alternative site within the building or evacuation to a local shelter.
As a part of the annual elevator inspection required under s. 399.061, certified elevator inspectors shall confirm that all installed generators required by this chapter are in working order, have current inspection records posted in the elevator machine room or other place conspicuous to the elevator inspector, and that the required generator key is present in the lockbox posted at or near the installed generator. If a building does not have an installed generator, the inspector shall confirm that the appropriate prewiring and switching capabilities are present and that a statement is posted in the elevator machine room or other place conspicuous to the elevator inspector affirming a current guaranteed contract exists for contingent services for alternate power is current for the operating period.

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