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BLOG > July 2017 > Bertha Mining Project Utilized Generator Power

Bertha Mining Project Utilized Generator Power

The SR 99 Tunnel in Seattle Washington was carved out of the earth by the custom-made tunneling machine called “Bertha”, generators supplied by Generator Source helped play a role.

Tunnel Mining Machine TechnologyIn April 2017, the SR 99 Tunnel in Seattle, Washington was carved out of the earth by the custom-made tunneling machine called “Bertha”. The 1.7 mile long tunnel extracted 850,000 cubic yards of soil. The project is aimed at replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  It has been managed by Washington State DOT and Seattle Tunnel Partners and was a widely viewed online with numerous videos and construction cameras. 

Diesel Generators Role
Large industrial generators were purchased for this enormous task and successfully supplied key power needs for several pieces of machinery during this project. Generator Source helped equip the tunneling project with a pair of generators that were used extensively on the project.

Generators & Mining Operations

Mining operations are often located in remote places where electrical power is not easily accessible or available. Many of these sites lack the necessary electrical grid and transmission lines.  Generator sets can fulfill needs for rock crushing operations, subterranean exploration, processing, and future expansion as mining continues its growth. All of these needs create a set of challenges when considering operating conditions.  Terrain can be extremely harsh for prime power operations when reliability and durability become the focus.

Mining Industry on the Rise

Mining continues to be a growth industry and generators are often in constant use. Mining has seen a 1.6% increase in June 2017 and positive gains from the last 5 out of 6 months. The mining index has grown 9.9% year over year from June 2016.

Diesel generators continue to be the first choice for most mining applications. Diesel is an excellent fuel choice because of its; versatility, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Mine specific environments can be very rugged therefore additional features can be very important. Items like; weatherproof enclosures, latches and high quality hinges, and quality air filters should be considered.

Additional Details on this Project

For more details on the full timeline, budget, various projects that are still running and more visit this site.  You can also see an interesting 360 Video of a drone flying through the site on the embedded video:

Trust in a Team that knows Big Power
Generator Source takes great pride in continuing to provide power generation equipment projects like these throughout North America. We have been working with projects like these for over 35 years and look forward to sharing more stories like this in our Blog. If you have questions or interest in buying or selling a generator contact us today.

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