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BLOG > January 2018 > Natural Gas Generators For CA Shipyard & Repair

Natural Gas Generators For CA Shipyard & Repair

Two 625 kW natural gas generators providing power to a shipyard in San Diego, California.

Ships & Power Generation
Naval Shipyard
Today's ships can be grouped into civilian (merchant marine) and military. Civilian include:

  • Cargo Ships - These vessels transport dry goods, such as bulk grains or shipping containers. 
  • Super Tankers - Transport fluids such as naphtha, gasoline and crude oil.
Military Ships include:
  • Aircraft Carrier - Supplies air reconnaissance and support to the battle at hand.
  • Destroyer - Heavily armored and provides air and surface support to the air craft carrier.
  • Fast Frigate - Provides surface support to aircraft by absorbing enemy fire.
  • Oiler - Provides fossil fuel, supplies, mail and aircraft fuel to the fleet.
All seagoing vessels share the same needs. One vital need shared across the shipping industry is the ability to create power. Without power the ship is considered to be Dead in the Water (DIW). This will often land the ship in dry dock for repairs. Scheduled repairs for a failed redundant large component or routine maintenance after many hours are also contributors. Ships, both Naval and Civilian alike use shipyards for this maintenance.

Shipyards and Standby Generators
Shipyard Shop
Shipyards could be considered an automotive garage for the shipping industry. When a ship arrives in the shipyard it is moored or placed in dry dock. Completion of scheduled maintenance or repairs is time critical. All ships have tight schedules and are rarely eager to accommodate to increased time and cost as a result of power a utility power failure. 
While in the ship yard the ship does the ship does not generate power. It connects to shore power connections supplied by the shipyard. The need to have back up power is satisfied with the use of backup generators.

Two common backup generator fuels are diesel and natural gas. Natural gas generators use gas engines with the fuel and control systems modified to allow natural gas use. When a natural gas supply is available, it is often desirable to use the unlimited supply that is not affected by extended power outages.

Generator Source is always on the lookout for low hour generators. Recently our Asset Recovery program supplied us with two 625 kW Natural Gas generators.

These particular generators were acquired as surplus equipment by our acquisition team. The gensets were purchased from a municipality and were never installed. These low hour, high quality generators are an example of the equipment we acquire. In this case, the shipyard took advantage of excellent equipment for their application.

This shipyard is now ready to support civilian and/or military needs, during long term utility power outages, to keep the nation safe and supplied!

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