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BLOG > February 2022 > Industrial Backup Power Generators For Ski Resorts

Industrial Backup Power Generators For Ski Resorts

Modern ski resorts require a consistent, reliable, and dependable power supply which keeps the lodges, shops, snow machines, and lifts running smoothly. Due to the nature of this business, ski resorts are located in remote locations and experience severe winter weather conditions which often leads to prolonged electrical outages thereby bringing the entire operation to a stop. To keep revenue coming in, ski resorts must invest in a reliable industrial backup power generator(s) to help minimize their operational risk profile. Generator Source offers a perfect solution to this niche market. Learn how important standby or portable used industrial backup power generators are for ski resorts in this article!

New & Used Industrial Backup Power Generators For Snow Machines

Winter weather across the U.S. is incredibly hard to predict. When a severe storm hits a ski resort andDepositphotos_55378577_L-(1).jpg knocks out the power to the snow machines, the resort has no way to produce new snow for prolonged periods of time. Customers will dislike their experience if the resort's snow-machines are down coupled with a lack of natural snow showers occurring.

Snow-making machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment at ski resorts. Customers will want to experience quality snow conditions as they enjoy their day with friends and family. If mother-nature hasn’t produced any snow for several days or weeks, every ski resort must rely on their snow-making machines to keep conditions ideal for customers. By having a used industrial generator installed at your location, your business will be able to create snow all season long regardless if the city is experiencing rolling blackouts. The power grind can be very unreliable in remote environments like ski resorts, therefore Generator Source recommends investing in a new or used industrial backup power generator from our fleet of 200-300+ generators. Our industrial portable generators are a great option for ski resorts as these generators allow for easy transport across multiple trails and terrain.

Ski resorts who invest in a standby or portable industrial backup power generator from Generator Source will ensure their snow machines have an adequate supply of electricity throughout the winter season. If you need to tow your new or used generator to snow machines located at different areas of the mountain, our portable generators would be the perfect fit. Our new and used portable generators come in a variety of sizes and capacities which helps ensure our product will meet any power requirments your snow-machines may have.

New & Used Industrial Backup Power Generators Ensure Your Resort Stays Open All Season 

Many ski resorts across the country receive large amounts of snowfall each year. These resorts have71259-1-(2).jpg already felt the pain of a power outage and experienced the financial consequences of this inconvenience.These seasoned businesses often rely on their new or used industrial generator(s) as their main source of power outside the local power grind. Such situations occur when the local grid doesn’t produce enough power for the resort's needs, thus, the owners install additional power in the form of standby or portable generators.

Snow-machines are not the only things which require electrical power at ski resorts. Many large resorts have restaurants on the mountain, a small town filled with local shops at the base, and chair lifts all requiring electricity. If a blizzard overwhelms a ski town or a man-made event knocks out the local power supply, the resort will lose its ability to conduct business for hours, even days at a time. By investing in a new or used industrial backup power generator from Generator Source, all these problems are solved. 

Benefits of New or Used Industrial Generators:

> Keep’s all resort amenities like gift shops, restaurants, spas, and hotels open for business year88865-1-(1).jpg round.

> Maintain a safe, reliable, congenial environment for all your guests who will return for years to come.

> Avoid safety risks that occur from lost heat or lighting.

> Provide additional power beyond what the local grid can produce.


Generator Source offers a wide variety of high-quality, low hour, new and used generators for ski resorts across the county. Be sure to contact our highly experienced sales team to begin your generator project!


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