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BLOG > December 2023 > Unique Service Call Sees Cummins Genset Overhaul By Jacksonville Team

Unique Service Call Sees Cummins Genset Overhaul By Jacksonville Team

Does Your Generator Need Some TLC? Check Out The Before And After Photos of This Unit! 

Most of the time, our field service teams go to the customer’s location to repair, maintain and test an industrial generator. Sometimes, the customer asks us to take the unit to our shop and complete the servicing there. That’s just what happened on this Cummins 50 kW unit.
Arrivals-(3)-(Custom).JPGThe following is a breakdown of what our team did and be sure to check out the before and after photos because this was more than preventative maintenance—more like a facelift and service!  
Recently, we encountered a distinctive challenge when a generator arrived at our facility. This presented an opportunity for us to not only address the necessary servicing requirements but also undertake a complete revitalization, ensuring the generator left our premises in optimal condition, both inside and out!
The Arrival
As the Onan 50 KW rolled into our facility, it was evident that time had taken its toll on the unit. The wear and tear was visible on its weathered exterior, prompting Generator Source to embrace a comprehensive approach that extended well beyond routine maintenance.
The Assessment
Our skilled technicians commenced a thorough evaluation of the generator's condition. While the standard servicing needs were identified and addressed, it became apparent that the generator required more than just internal attention. Additionally, a load bank test is always essential to guarantee its performance under real-world conditions.
The Process

  • Our technicians meticulously inspected and serviced the internal components of the Onan 50 KW generator. From checking oil levels to replacing worn-out parts, every inch was scrutinized to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Utilizing industry-standard paints, we applied a fresh coat to the generator. The chosen color not only restored its original charm but also added a touch of modernity. The emphasis was on a durable and practical finish, rather than an elaborate paint job.
  • Prior to finalizing the service, the generator underwent a rigorous load bank test. This real-world simulation ensured that the generator could perform at its peak when called upon, providing our clients with the confidence that it could handle the demands of their operations.                                     
  • With the servicing and load bank test completed, our technicians conducted a final inspection to guarantee that every aspect of the generator met our high standards. It was more than a service job; it was a commitment to excellence and reliability.
The Outcome
The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The Onan 50 KW that arrived, showing signs of aging, left our facility as a rejuvenated powerhouse. Its internal components were fine-tuned to perfection, and the load bank test provided assurance of its reliability under real-world conditions.
Generator Source's unconventional service call showcased our commitment to excellence. Beyond routine servicing, we transformed a standard maintenance job into a comprehensive overhaul.
As the Onan 50 KW now stands ready to power up at a moment's notice, it is not merely a machine leaving our facility but a testament to our dedication to functionality and reliability. At Generator Source, we don't just service generators, we ensure they're prepared for any challenge.
Do you need generator service or have an old unit that is showing some age? Contact our service department in Jacksonville at (904) 914-7355. If you are in Colorado, call (303) 500-8928 and if you’re in the Austin, TX area, call (512) 631-9998. Click here to learn more.


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