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BLOG > August 2020 > What Additional Components Does A Emergency Generator Need?

What Additional Components Does A Emergency Generator Need?

A diesel generator is the cornerstone of the emergency power system infrastructure, however there are several additional components that are required in a used diesel generator that ensures the genset will be safe and reliable in operation.

A natural gas or diesel used generator also contains the following elements:
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel tank
  • Radiator



What Is an Emergency Used Diesel Generator?

Our used diesel gensets provide reliable electricity in the event of a power outage. Our products are essential to the livelihood of every economic organization and for those reasons, we take our work very seriously. Once the electricity is flowing, the generator typically uses diesel as the fuel output. This fuel combustion drives the generator’s engine whale the circular motion of the shaft drives the generator. Other fuel types work on used generators such as natural gas.
It’s common for industrial diesel or natural gas generators have a higher kilowatt-per-hour cost than the local power grid, entailing an emergency generator’s use is mainly for blackouts and off-grind locations Properly sizing your generator is important when it comes to balancing the cost of your investment. Our helpful sales term can help size our used industrial generators to your specific needs. Ideas to consider when it comes to sizing your industrial generator:

  • An undersized generator will commonly run at the output limit, when trips the circuit breaker turning the generator off. This phenomenon should be avoided by properly sizing your industrial generator.
  • Oversized generators are inefficient in relation to your initial investment. Work with our sales team to better understand your sizing requirements.
Peak shaving: Buildings that calculate the power bill based on both capacity and demand, an industrial generator can be used for peak shaving. This means the used generator will come online during periods of high-energy-demand helping to minimize the energy provided by the utility company, helping to lower your power bill.
There is a term in this industry called “genset” which stands for “generating set.” This definition describes any industrial generator that is package with ancillary devices such as sound attenuation systems, controls, a base, canopy, and electrical protections. Gensets are available at Generator Source in a wide variety of capacities ranging from 2.5kW to 3 mega-watt.


Types of Fuel Tanks

In general fuel tanks provide a compartment for on-side fuel reserves for the industrial generator. Fuel tanksDepositphotos_1139975_l-2015.jpg ensure the generator will run when it’s power output is needed.
  • Main tank provides fuel reserves that is utilized for the generator.
  • A day tank is adjacent to the industrial generator and provides immediate fuel supply. Sizing for day tanks typically range for 24 hours.

Engine Exhaust System

Engine combustion gases are very hazardous in confined, small spaces. The main function of the exhaust system is to release these dangerous gases into the outdoors. Ideally, an effective exhaust system has the capacity to minimize noise, vibration, and back-pressure.
  • Louse noises may cause discomfort and difficulty concentration on work.
  • Vibration may lead to premature component failures.
  • Any exhaust restrictions may cause excessive fuel waste and/or generator overheating.
The used industrial generator muffler is a soundproofing device that helps reduce operational noise.

Controlling Industrial Generator Temperature With A Radiator

Radiators have applications in both cooling and heating, and can simultaneously perform both functions when the used diesel generator is in operation.
  • Cooling: Heat will be released by the radiator from the combustion process, helping to keep the used industrial generator’s temperature within standard levels.
  • Heating: Thermal energy can be recovered throughout the generators operation.

Emergency industrial generators from Generator Source are a critical investment for every business operation in the world. When your power is down, you can’t conduct business. Make the smart investment today and contact our sales team to assist with proper sizing. Thanks for reading!

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