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Rental Generators Available in Colorado

Colorado Rental GeneratorsPortable Rental Generator

We supply rental generators throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. These generators provide power for both short-term and long-term site requirements. Generator sizes range from 20 kW to 2,000 KW. Nationwide rental service is available for large generator units.

Every generator on the rental yard is up-to-date on maintenance, including load testing. We can begin arranging generator transportation on the same day the order is placed. Our generators are ready to supply power to such industries as construction and mining. Both single and 3 Ø with multiple voltage ranges are available. Common rental lengths are daily, weekly, monthly, and longer term. 

We maintain more than one style of generator in our rental fleet. Each style accomplishes the same goal in various settings. Our goal is to supply dependable power for the needs of every customer. 

Portable Sound Attenuated Enclosures

Rental portable units are complete power generation units and ready to connect to the grid. Large units are pulled with a semi-truck using the standard 5th wheel connection. Medium size generators utilize the ring & pintle systems. Small units utilize a ball and hitch. Always park the generator on level ground and follow all manufacturer's operating instructions.

All portable units are equipped with DOT approved lighting and are ready for transportation. Once on a job site, they can be quickly connected to the grid. Easy transportation from location to location on a job site makes them a popular option in the construction industry. Never operate a generator in an environment that contains combustible gases. Always park the unit on level ground and operate in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Stationary Sound Attenuated Enclosures

500 kW Baldor Mobile Power Generator
Stationary units are ready to connect to the power grid. This type of generator sits on a level area for longer term rentals. They are complete power units that only require connection to the grid after location.

Never place these generators in a combustible environment. Always locate the generator on a hard level surface and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for operation. 

Stationary generators must be shipped on a trailer. We have approved shippers that must adhere to stringent guidelines. In-yard crane and lifting services are available for loading. For extremely large loads we can arrange crane services.

Indoor Generators
A generator set is constructed on a skid or sound attenuated container (portable or stationary). Skid mounted generators are used for indoor or areas that are protected from the weather. They are complete power generating units but need some auxiliary supports, such as an external fuel tank and supply. 

Generators are equipped with lifting eyes. This makes them easy to move in high rise construction projects that have large cranes. Our generators are large enough to power complete new project sites.

Our technical staff is on call in the unlikely event of a generator issue. Commonly, we provide set-services to ensure site operations. Our customers often request a purchase option because the generator works flawlessly. Contact Us to obtain rental information with or without purchase options.


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