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Rental Generators Case Studies and Projects

Generator Source offers rental generators throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. The following is a sampling of projects Generator Source has managed to help companies meet deadlines when they are faced with power outages from extreme weather, rolling blackouts, updates and for temporary power during annual service work. 


Rental Generator Offers Backup Power After Construction Mishap Severs Main Building Power Supply

Rental Generator Powering Business
Generator Source recently helped a Southern Denver based company avoid power problems and missed work after a construction accident. The rental-service department was able to get a Caterpillar 1250 kW diesel generator to power their building while the company gets their main power issues fixed!

“One of our long-time customers, had an emergency when the concrete slab their current generator was sitting on, started to sink,” said Emett, service manager at Generator Source. “While core drilling was taking place to redo the slab, the construction company severed the main power line coming into the building, forcing the existing generator to be removed.  

“Once the concrete slab was also removed, the power line needed to be dug up and repaired to regain power to the building,” added Emett. “With all hands-on deck, Generator Source was successfully able to deliver and set up a 1250 kW rental generator with about a mile of cable to power the entire building until repairs were made and a new generator is set in place.”

Generator Source offers rentals in Colorado, Southern Wyoming, Florida and Southern Georgia. If you are facing power issues due to construction challenges, getting hit by rolling blackouts or extreme weather, consider renting or even updating your current generator to cover your power needs for now and for years to come. Generator Source also offers generator service to keep you hitting on all cylinders. 

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