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GS Service Team Makes It Possible To Ride The Rails With The Rocky Mountaineer Train 

A train ride in the Rocky Mountains is a great way to spend a couple days seeing the sights and enjoying luxury, so what does Generator Source have to do with the operation? Well, the train is powered by two generators, and they too need to be serviced!

IMG_20230411_083157987_HDR-(Custom).jpgThe Rocky Mountaineer Train operates a luxury train that goes roundtrip from Denver to Moab, UT. On the trip they stay overnight in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Recently, some of our staff got the opportunity to ride the historic and scenic rails touring the Rocky Mountains and the famous Red Rocks of Moab.

All of the lighting, HVAC, plumbing, kitchens and electrical for the passenger cars, galleys and lounge cars are powered by two generators that our technicians maintain on a monthly basis when the train is running.

We take pride in knowing that the passengers and employees on the train can count on the power always being on when traveling with The Rocky Mountaineer Train!

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