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Control Panel Installation and Upgrades

Single Generator Configuration

Deep Sea Electronics Generator Controller
Newer generator sets feature control panels that interface engine functions with generator functions. This allows for the engine and generator to be controlled by a single component.

These panels provide the user with easy to view information, generator set controls and alarm and monitoring. Many suppliers offer options to panels such as AC metering and alphanumeric displays.

Control panels are commonly connected to engine/generator sensors, engine electronic control module and other control components by means of a connection box. The connection box also house timers, relays and other electronic system components.

Generator Source engineering and technical staff can upgrade existing control system to a new configuration or design and install a completely new and updated system.

Multiple Generator Configuration

In many large facilities multiple generators are used in a parallel configuration. Parallel configuration are more cost effective and can feature a redundant configuration. In this configuration Generator Set (A) and Generator Set (B) are the primary generators.

If one of the primary generators fails or needs service, Generator (C) can brought on line and paralleled with the load. This can be a completely automated function. Below is a list of common events:
Generators Configured for Parallel Operation
When main power is lost and Generator Set (A) fails during operation, the following events occur:
  1. Automatic transfer switch signals HMI panel to initiate startup of Generator Set (A) and Generator Set (B) via generator operator panels.
  2. HMI panel monitors primary generator sets operations and parallels them into system operation.
  3. Switch panels distribute emergency power as designated.
  4. Generator Set (A) has active shutdown warning.
  5. HMI panel initiates startup of Generator Set (C), Generator Set (A) is removed from configuration and cool-down/shutdown operation is performed.
  6. HMI panel parallels Generator Set (C) with Generator Set (B), monitors system load and alarm condition for online generators.
  7. When main power is available, automatic transfer switch disconnects generator set and connects to main power grid.
  8. HMI Panel signals Generator Set (B) and Generator Set (C) operator panel to perform cool down/shutdown operations.

Generator Source staff can design, install or upgrade existing system to meet all generation needs.


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