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Northern Colorado - Loveland Data Center Decommissioning Case Study

Data Center Deom in Colorado
Our Purchasing Team has been busy working a Data Center Decommission in Northern Colorado.

We purchased 4 generators with a large fuel system, and all the existing equipment. The building is being sold because the Data Center moved all their Loveland, Colorado employees to a work-from-home structure due to covid-19. This resulted in downsizing to a smaller facility. 

This project was highly valuable to both parties- we had worked with the client for months reviewing and prepping everything for an easy and smooth transition.  We sent out our team of professionals to disconnect the generators, disconnect all the servers and additional equipment, contact a local crane company, and get our trucks on site as well with a 5-day window from start and finish.

Project milestones Include:    
  • Disconnected cables from generator circuit breakers for the generator unit's
  • Disconnected and removed circuit breaker cabinet
  • Disconnected and removed all external conduit which included junction boxes and capping the conduit at ground level
  • Disconnect and remove all existing servers, racks, and additional equipment
  • Prepared the generators and enclosure for the crane
  • Prepare the generators and enclosure for shipping
  • Loaded the 4 units and day tank onto multiple trucks and trailers400 kW Generac Generator Moved with Crane
  • Received and unloaded the generators at our Brighton CO. location and prepared the generators for sale and perform a 31-point inspection
  • On this project we worked closely with a local trucking company- ATP for all our crane and shipping needs, and we also worked hand in hand with KruseCom in assistance with the servers and cabling
          *We do not sell servers and the racking only the Generators and Fuel Tanks


Size of 4 Generators

400kW Generac #89062
375kW Generac #89061
350kW Cummins #89045
200kW Cummins #89046

Loveland Data Center Decom Start

Additional Details from SOW

UPS Systems:

1. Disconnect electrical service at the main control panel / breakers for each of the UPS systems to
be removed. Existing panels to remain.

2. Disconnect and make safe all electrical service from UPS system to racks in order to remove
batteries.  Batteries will be recycled.

3. Disassemble all units and remove from building.

4. Provide transport vehicle / trailer required to lift / haul removed UPS related items.

Various Telecom Equipment:
1. Disconnect electrical service to racks and make safe.Colorado Data Center Decom Completed

2. Disconnect and remove all bridge hardware from the top of racks and remove all
associated wiring and conduit.

3.  Disconnect and remove all cabling/wiring from below floor that feed racks.

4. Disassemble and remove all racks from floor. All hardware to be removed by Owner prior to
removal of racks. If hardware is found to have been left in a rack it is to be considered as trash to
be removed along with the rack itself.

5. Provide transport vehicle / trailer required to lift / haul all equipment removed.

6. If needed Data Sanitation will occur, providing Certificates of Destruction.

7. If needed all ID Tags will be removed from equipment leaving them scrubbed and ready for re-commissioning.

Automatic Transfer Switches

1. Disconnect and remove 3 transfer switches from the data center electrical room.

2. Install nema 1 junction box, extending existing 2” conduits to the junction box350 kW Cummins Generator Removed with Crane

3. Using existing conductors tap the line side wires to refeed existing panel boards located next to each transfer switch.

4. Provide transport vehicle/ trailer required to lift/ haul all removed transfer switches.

Offering Generator & Data Center Decom Services Nationwide

While this case study was local for us (in Colorado), Generator Source offers complete de-installation of generators and data centers across the US and most of Canada.

For larger generators in the 500 kW to 2500 kW and larger range, we typically offer an initial on-site visit where we can fly to your facility for a project assessment, provide a scope of the project, and then bid on the equipment or service offered.

Generator Source can de-install generators and equipment used in most facilities. We offer end-to-end data center decommissioning, and numerous de-installation, rapid removal, and purchasing options.

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