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North Carolina Data Center Decommission
This is an interesting story as changing times has changed our client’s business power needs and generators that Generator Source originally sold to them, we just then re-purchased, and now performed the decommissioning as well—full circle!

“Our purchasing team was busy this week with a data center decommission in North Carolina,” said Jeremy, decommission project manager. “We re-purchased (2) 2250 kW Cummins generators with a large fuel system. You read that right, we re-purchased these two units! We originally purchased them as a package back in August of 2018 and sold them to the data center in January of 2019. 

“The clients called us a couple weeks ago to buy them back as they no longer needed that much power because they are transitioning to become a Bit-Coin operation,” added Jeremy. “We sent our team to disconnect the generators, pump out remaining fuel, contacted a local crane company, and got our trucks on site as well.”    
The Project Details Included:
⚡Disconnected cables from generator circuit breakers for the generator units
⚡Disconnected and removed circuit breaker cabinets
⚡Removed all remaining fuel from the tanks
⚡Prepared the generators and enclosure for the crane
⚡Prepare the generators and enclosure for shipping
⚡Loaded the (2) 2250 kW units and tank onto seven trucks with trailers
⚡The generators will be sent to our Brighton, CO. location and be prepared for sale with as we perform our standard 31-point inspection.
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Generator Information:
2- 2250kW
2006 Model Year
#89502 79 Hours
#89503 21 Hours
Model: OSK60-G9 
4120 Gallon Fuel Tank
Sound Attenuated Enclosure

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