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Emergency & Disaster Planning Resources

With man made and natural disasters unfortunately becoming more and more common, planning for all the potential 'what if' scenarios is quickly becoming a necessity, and something every family or business should account for.  Whether it's a hurricane, fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, or just a bad storm that causes widespread power outages, flooding, etc., being hit unprepared when disaster strikes can be catastrophic.  Fortunately, there are some good steps that can be taken to help make the best of a bad situation.  Listed below are a few of the more useful sites we have found:

Business & Inudstry Guide: Planning for the Unthinkable - great resource from the American Red Cross with tips, plans, how to protect employees, reduce damage, etc. for Businesses - Dept. of Homeland Security offers a great resource for businesses to help create emergency and contingency plans to protect your investment, be prepared when electricity and utilities go down, and how to stay in business.

FEMA Preparation & Prevention Guide - The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers a number of publications for free download, such as the Emergency Management Guide For Business and Industry (pdf).

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