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Data Center Liquidation

Planning to Liquidate Your Data Center

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Various reasons exist to liquidate a data center. Once it has been established that liquidation is the correct move for the company, there are many factors to consider in the liquidation.

All equipment in a data center has value. There are a couple of options when available when liquidating data centers:
  • In-House - Company team members are assigned duties with established completion dates. Each team member may have multiple vendors to work with to complete their process. It is possible that some or all of the data center equipment will have to be warehoused. This can tax employee resources.
  • Turn Key - A external company purchases all of the equipment in the data center. Many companies that offer a turn key process can arrange shipping and removal. Employee resources are not heavily taxed. 
Large data centers can have area managers that report to the overall director and the IT manager maintains all data center operations. The building maintenance manager is in charge of all building auxiliary systems. All managers share an equal part of the liquidation process. When an external company is used, they are responsible for the liquidation and maintain communications with all concerned managers and vendors.

Creating a project plan is the first step of the liquidation process. The project is divided into individual systems and assigned milestone target dates. Go to Data Center Project Planning for more information. Creating a checklist of equipment for the liquidation ensures all of the equipment in every system is identified and accounted for. For examples of basic equipment included in many checklists go to Decommissioning Checklist.

After the planning stages of the project are complete, the equipment must be removed. This can require communications with various vendors throughout multiple departments in the facility. Go to Equipment Removal and Asset Recovery for examples of equipment removed in a liquidation program.

Generator Source Consulting

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We have over 35 years of experience in the generator business. Coupled with our extensive partnerships, we can liquidate all of the equipment in your data center. Examples of systems we can purchase and remove are:
  • Operating Equipment - All IT and communications equipment used in the day to day operations of the data center.
  • Server Room Cooling - Equipment used to keep individual server rooms cool. Can include internal cooling units, heat exchangers, refrigeration units and associated controls.
  • Building Security Systems - Advanced systems offer equipment such as cameras and CCTV controls.
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Large complexes can have multiple units controlled by a common controller. Variable Air Volume (VAV) controllers maintain area temperature.
  • Backup Generator/Switching and Distribution - Generators and all equipment used for normal and backup power distribution. Can include generators, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), switching and distribution panels. In addition, all generator auxiliary systems round out the equipment list.
If your project has vendors appointed for the various tasks, we can purchase and remove the generators and associated systems. We offer a consulting service for complete data center projects or power generation and associated systems. Contact Us to get the ball rolling. We are experienced with the hazardous materials and handling procedures included in the equipment removal process.

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