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Winter Break—Perfect Time For Decommissioning A Generator In TN

When most folks think about a college winter break, there’s thoughts of visiting families for the holidays, maybe a trip across country and a break from studies, but for our team at Generator Source and our client at Tennessee Tech University, it became the perfect time to decommission a generator.

“Our team was busy on one of our biggest projects of 2022!,” said Jeremy Rhodes, purchasing/decom project manager. “We began the decommissioning project with TTU with the understanding the project would need to be done quickly and effectively due to the time constraints with the short window of the winter break.

“Their generators were due to be upgraded and the cost and lead times on the new units were far too high and too far out for the University’s plan, so an alternative plan was launched to set up a second leg of utility power as a backup power source should the original leg fail,” added Rhodes.

“To help fund the new project of setting up the second leg as well as help fund other projects on the campus, selling us their backup generators made the most sense. The campus power demands are projected to double with the new construction, and the generators will no longer satisfy the future demand. Our team was more than happy to accept the challenge and assist in the disconnection and removal of the 8 Megawatts worth of power.”

Project milestones Included:
⚡A tight deadline: project could not begin until the college was out for Holiday Break and had to be done before classes returned early January 2023 
⚡Disconnected conductors from the generator circuit breakers
⚡Disconnected and removed paralleling cabling
⚡Removed exhaust catalysts and associated components to achieve the restricted threshold for height when shipping
⚡Delayed parking lot construction created some logistical hurdles on getting trucks in and out and the plan for removal had to be adapted in real time
⚡Several driveways had to be built by the contractors working on site to assist in getting the generators and equipment off site.
⚡These units weigh 90,000 pounds so a smaller, higher capacity crane had to be utilized keeping in mind the limited room on the lot
⚡Two local crane companies teamed up to achieve this removal
⚡Custom shackles had to be manufactured by a local machine shop due to the construction of the custom enclosures and subbase tanks
⚡Prepared the generators and enclosures for lifting and shipping
⚡Loaded the 2000 kW units one by one onto four trailers 
⚡Due to the height of the equipment on the trailers, we had a team of pilot cars dedicated to assisting in route planning and ensuring the equipment would arrive safely
⚡Loaded on an additional truck and trailer all the exhaust catalysts
⚡Received and unloaded the generators at our Brighton, CO location and are preparing the generator for sale, performing our 31-point inspection
*On this project we worked closely with Billings Crane & CraneWorks out of Tennessee

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