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Generator Source's Tennessee Nighttime Operation
Faced With A Week To Meet A Tight Midnight Deadline, The Generator Source Jacksonville Team Overcame Obstacles And Delivered!

In the realm of generator acquisitions, decoms and relocation, Generator Source exemplifies a relentless pursuit of excellence. Recently, our Florida team embarked on a formidable project with just a week’s notice and a tight deadline to boot-- in Columbia, TN.

Our purchasing team bought, decommissioned, craned and transported a Cummins 2250 kW commercial standby generator before the client’s lease was up! Just another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to deliver unparalleled service regardless location or time of day.
A Three-Day Project: From Acquisition to Relocation
“Undertaking this heavy task required meticulous planning and a team willing to leave no stone unturned,” said Chad Rowland, branch manager of Jacksonville Generator Source. “Keep in mind, this project was completed on a week’s notice, as the unit had to be removed before the end of the month by midnight due to a property lease ending.

“Our journey began with a nine-hour drive to the site, where we arrived prepared to tackle the project head-on,” continued Rowland. “With precision and expertise, our team worked tirelessly over three days, ensuring every aspect of the Cummins 2250 KW generator decom and removal was executed flawlessly."

What Does A Decomissioning Entail?

Besides the obvious lift and place on an awaiting semi-truck flatbed, there is a lot to be done before a crane can pick the generator and it’s not as easy as just pulling a plug. The decom project includes:

⚡Disconnecting cables from generator circuit breakers for the generator unit
⚡Disconnecting and removing a circuit breaker cabinet
⚡Removing all remaining fuel from the tank
⚡Preparing the generator and enclosure for the crane
⚡Preparing the generator by wrapping the unit and enclosure for shipping

Smile-Direct-Club-(1)-(Custom).jpg“Undeterred by the late operating hours into the night, not to mention time constraints, our technicians and crane operators pressed on, showcasing our commitment to deliver results no matter the challenges,” continued Rowland. “When it comes to serving our customers, no obstacle is too great, no hour is too late, and deadlines are met.”

Conclusion: Where Dedication Meets Excellence

The Tennessee project stands as a testament to our customers, demonstrating our ability to overcome challenges and ensure detail-oriented results and professionalism. Whether it's day or night, near or far, Generator Source is always ready to rise to the occasion and exceed expectations.

The Cummins 2250 kW diesel unit was then wrapped and protected from the elements for its travel across country to the Brighton, Colorado yard.

There the generator technicians will run it, test it and change all fluids, filters and more as they complete a 31-point inspection (including a load bank test), to ready the Cummins for sale. Watch for the start up and load bank videos soon on the generator Source social channels. It has already been assigned unit #90891 and with low hours (58) it will not last long. It’s never too early to call (866) 518-1240 for a quote.  

Are you looking to upgrade your industrial power solutions today or do you need generator service in Florida and surrounding states? Our Jacksonville team can help. Call (904) 870-9486 or click here for more information. We also offer generator services in the Colorado and Austin, TX areas. Click here for more information in the other regions.

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