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GS Teams Tackle Puerto Rico Destination Resort Power Swap, Complete Upgrade!

Puerto Rico Island Resort Upgrades Standby Power To Never Miss A Beat Come Hurricane Season

It’s not every day you get to go to a posh Caribbean resort on a business trip, but when you get that assignment, how can you pass up the opportunity? Well, our purchasing team was all in this summer as they headed south to Puerto Rico!PR2-(Custom)-(1).jpg

Our sales and purchasing team teamed up on this project as we sold the high-end resort two large Caterpillar units, shipped them across the sea, while our decom and installation team removed the resort's two older, outdated gensets and then installed the new bigger ones. Throw them a curveball with a hurricane scare—and a delayed ship, but they got it done (maybe even had a few days of relaxation on the beach…just saying)!  

Yes, the resort property was upgrading their outdated generators to new more efficient generators. While this isn't our typical purchase or sale, our team was more than equipped to travel and tackle such a large project as a team helping our client continue to run business as normal with zero down time.
One of the challenges our team overcame included tight working conditions/space. The generators were placed before the resort was put into commission, so the units had to be removed very carefully.

The team worked hand in hand with the director of the resort facilities to ensure all expectations were exceeded. On this project the team worked closely with staff from our headquarter office in Brighton, CO and technicians from our Jacksonville, FL location.

The teams coordinated the full decommissioning of (2) 3512 1,500 kW Caterpillar gens. This included disconnected cables from generator circuit breakers for the generator units. They also disconnected and removed the circuit breaker cabinet and prepared the generators for the crane to lift them and then prepared the generators for shipping back to the mainland.

Next our team did a full installation of (2) 3516 2,000 kW generators. That included full installation of (2) 480-13200V step-up transformers, fabrication and installation of (2) exhaust pipe systems.

Because there were more logistics involved given shipping to the island, our team worked tirelessly in the management of supplies from the US Port to the San Juan Port in Puerto Rico. Once we received and unloaded the purchased generators at our Jacksonville location, the generators went through our 31-point inspection and were sold to the client for micro-grid operation.

This was a turnkey operation! From the sale, testing, decommission, transport across the Caribbean to the island of Puerto Rico and install—our team never missed a beat and the resort never experienced downtime.
If you too are looking to upgrade or update your standby power, need to sell or have a unit decommissioned, or simply need standby power for your business or organization period, count on our sales and purchasing teams at Generator Source. Our teams have been doing these large-scale power generation projects for 40 years and would be happy to consult and work for you. Learn more at and see our full inventory at

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