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Replace Voltage Regulator

Generator Basics

Cummins Generator Control Panel
The generator produces voltage through electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction occurs when a conductor passes through a magnetic field. As the conductor passes through the magnetic field, magnetic lines of force (flux) are cut. A voltage is induced between the two ends of the conductor. If the conductor is connected to a closed electrical circuit, current flows.

The voltage induced into the conductor is determined by the amount of lines of flux cut factored with the amount of time to cut the lines. Speed conductor moves through magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic determine the output voltage.

Operating speed of the engine and generator is constant to maintain frequency. This means that to control voltage the magnitude of the magnetic field must be controlled. 

Voltage Regulator

Every power generation system requires a means of controlling voltage and/or current produced by the generator. Various excitation system configurations are possible including sensing and controlling generator output.
Generators producing AC current generally use an exciter voltage regulation system. This configuration maintains generator field current under varying electrical loads.

A closed loop feedback system is commonly used. Output voltage is compared to reference voltage. An error signal is used to change the generator excitation.

Voltage regulators (Figure 1) come in many designs. Smaller generators can locate the voltage regulator in the generator end. As generator size increase the style and location of the voltage regulator changes. 

The experienced staff at Generator Source has replaced voltage regulators on generators ranging from small to the largest available. We can schedule a time to test and/or replace your voltage regulator.


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