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Equipment Financing & Leasing

Calculator.jpgA large percentage of businesses currently finance or lease equipment in some form or fashion.  Companies can choose equipment leasing over buying for a wide range of reasons but in many cases it can provide great financial benefits and advantages over directly purchasing the equipment in full. 

Generator Source now provides a number of equipment financing options and financial solutions for our customers to consider when purchasing a generator set - see two examples of financing options listed below.

Equipment Financing Services Offered:
  • Leases
  • Heavy Equipment Loans 
  • Lease to Purchase Plans
  • Full Project Leasing (to include all costs such as engineering, installation, etc.)
  • Discounted Government Agency Rates (when applicable)
  • Construction Financing
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Fast and Easy Application Process
Advantages of Equipment Financing:
  • Tax Benefits – offers a tax deductible expense and way for you to take an immediate write off.  You maintain the benefits of ownership without having to provide the entire amount.
  • Advanced Cash Flow Management – provides access to more capital to deal with day-to-day operations, improve your budgeting and forecasting, and have the opportunity to increase your earnings using lease based accounting and other advanced options.
  • Customizable Terms – flexibility to change structure in the future to adjust details on returning equipment, renewing your lease and/or purchasing the equipment outright.
Examples of Financing Options for Generators:                        

Cummins 500 kW Diesel Generator Set:         
Loan Amount:           $58,000.00   

Term (months):            12               24             36              48             60    
Monthly Payment:    $5,206      $2,712      $1,884      $1,472      $1,227   


Cummins 750 kW Diesel Generator Set                  
Loan Amount:            $86,000.00                 
Term (months):              12              24             36              48             60
Monthly Payment:     $7,719      $4,021      $2,793      $2,183      $1,819 

*All quotes are estimates and subject to change upon credit review    

Don’t let financial considerations hold you back on getting the emergency power generator you need.  Call us today at (844) 413 - 5055 or click here for more information or a financing quote. 


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