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Generator Source field service technicians say it’s always interesting tackling a generator situation, figuring out the problem, finding the issue and completing the repair to help a customer get back to work. Sometimes you come into a situation where a generator has been looked at by another company and they couldn’t get it right. Getting those problems fixed is even more satisfying!
“A customer called in requesting service on a prime Cummins commercial generator,” said James at Generator Source in Austin, TX. “Apparently, recent service from another provider cost the client more than $5,000 for diagnostics and they determined there wasn’t an issue with the unit overheating.

Austin-1-(Custom).jpg“The customer reported that the unit would start and run and then die within 5 to 10 minutes of running every time,” added James. “They stated the other service provider only ran the unit briefly three or four times, thus never allowing the unit to reach operating temperature to fully diagnose the failure the customer was reporting.”
So, James performed diagnostic tests, found that the unit was indeed shutting down due to overheating and he found that there was an air pocket within the outlet part of the thermostat housing.
Upon purging the air from the cooling system and topping off the coolant, the unit started and ran continuously for 30 minutes without issues multiple times and the coolant temperatures stayed steady and within normal operating parameters. Who would’ve thought that simply listening to the customer’s concerns about overheating and being thorough with your work would solve the generator’s problem?
At Generator Source, we check all the boxes to make sure our work is 100%. Whether servicing a generator, providing rental power in the region, or helping a business with a standby or prime generator upgrade, you’ll see our team is committed to delivering excellence.
We invite you to explore how Generator Source can empower your business with reliable and efficient power solutions. When was the last time your generator was serviced? Our Austin team can help. Call (512) 631-9998 or click here for more information and to schedule a service call. We also offer generator field services in Colorado and Austin, TX. Click here for more information in the other regions. 

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