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Generator Source Field Service Team Gives Life To Nearly Forgotten Generac
When Was The Last Time You Had Your Industrial Generator Serviced? 

Time flies. It's so easy to get caught up with daily activities in a business and forget about basics like maintenance, especially when it comes to a standby generator. You invested in the unit so you're operation never misses a beat, no downtime, no lost perishables, data or unhappy guests, peace of mind if you will, when the power goes out. But you must keep up with maintenance otherwise, what good will a standby generator be if it doesn't work when an emergency arises? That was the main concern for a client in the Austin region last week.

"We recieved a customer call and they were requesting a proposal for a preventative maintenance agreement for services, stating that the unit hadn’t been serviced since December 2021, nor did they think it even runs as they had not seen it do anything in the last six months," said Chris Betros in the Generator Source office in Austin. "So, we scheduled an appointment to take a look at their 65 kW Generac."

Picture1-(Custom)-(1).jpgThe Austin team provided the client with a free inspection of the industrial unit. They cleaned and wiped down the Generac, while looking for any possible reason why it was not working.

Next, the field service technician found that the commercial generator's negative battery terminal was loose, so they tightened it. Then they found that the unit was shutdown due to a low coolant level, and they found a possible leak along the upper radiator hose at the outlet tube.

Finally, they tightened the loose clamps and thoroughly wiped down all surfaces, restored the unit back to auto and provided a preventative maintenance agreement for services.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had somebody service your company's generator? The Generator Source team is happy to come inspect your industrial generator. Give us a call at (512) 631-9998 or visit the Austin Field Service page.  

If you live in another region, we also offer generator services, sales and rentals in Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Wyoming. Click here for regional information. 

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