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Towns Count On Generator Source For Generator Maintenance & Service 
Very Important 500 kW Offers Standby Power For Local Town's Water Treatment Plant  

On a hot morning in August, our generator technician was already on-site at a local town hall not far from Generator Source headquarters outside of Denver. Part of our field service team, Andrew, was already busy prepping a unit for service. Since Andrew wasn’t going too far, I decided to join him and document this generator maintenance and service call.
“Today we are in a local town, checking out the municipality's Cummins QSX15, 500 kW generator,” said Andrew. “We perform regular maintenance for this facility's numerous generators they utilize for all the phases of their operation. It’s time to give it a look over, load test the unit and make sure it’s in prime shape for the coming winter.
“I was already notified about a minor alarm on the unit before coming out, so it looks like it will need some heater block work so it’s nice and warm-- ready when the snow starts flying here in Colorado,” added Andrew.
This unit supplies industrial, standby power for the city’s water treatment system, so it’s of paramount importance that this unit is up-to-speed, maintained and ready to supply energy when a power outage hits. Whether the power is out due to extreme weather, fire, a deep dreeze or any other type of event or emergency, this unit needs to be ready. Without this backup diesel generator, the town’s water supply would be in jeopardy.  
“Today we will change filters, change the oil, check all fluids, run a four-hour load test and trouble shoot the alarm to make sure this unit is 100%,” added Andrew.
“The dog in the yard close to the facility will not like me very much, but this 500 kW isn’t very loud,” added Andrew. “I will run the generator for four hours to make sure it passes all the tests. Let’s get it started and in about 10 minutes we will slowly add a 50% load, take measurements, and monitor the unit as she runs.”
Andrew then worked his way over to the generator, started it and observed the unit as it warmed up. After about 10 minutes, he added a load to the unit to began the test. He then walked around the unit monitoring temperatures and observing all the vitals.
The load test was going to last fours hours to hit all the test benchmarks and checks. After the load test, Andrew will tackle the filters, oil change, and take samples of all fluids to understand the health of the generator. The thorough process will get the unit up to speed. 
Our field services team helps all kinds of organizations and businesses in Colorado and Wyoming. Meanwhile, our Florida service team covers the region from the Keys to Georgia in the Southeast.


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