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GS Field Service Team Is Lifeline For Local Hospitals  
Hospitals, Water Treatment Plants, Data Centers, All Places That Can't Go Without Power 

Let’s face it, the average Joe has little to no clue what service standby generators provide in society. It isn’t until they an idea when power goes out at their home or business. What these folks need to understand, there are numerous buildings and services that can never be without power like a hospital, water treatment plant, even a high-rise or tropical resort.
IMG_8243-(Custom).jpeg“We are at a hospital here in South Denver Metro area working on a 1250 kW Generac,” said Andrew, a field services technician at Generator Source.

“We will run preventative maintenance, change air, oil and fuel filters, run a road test, all in an effort to give this unit a clean bill of health.

“Working on this hospital generator is a huge deal, because it provides standby power for the entire wing of the building,” said Andrew.

“Just imagine if a winter storm in the next month or so knocks out power to the hospital and there are patients on life support or maybe they are in the middle of an operation when the grid fails.

“Well, when the utility power goes down, the standby generator turns on and they never miss a beat,” added Andrew. “So lighting and equipment for a surgery or systems that help monitor a person recovering for a surgery or illness… the standby generator takes over power generation allowing the hospital to function as normal.”

If Andrew is working on the unit, you are probably wondering what happens if the hospital loses power while he is changing an oil filter or is running a load test on the unit? Well, Generator Source also has the answer to that question as well.

“We have also connected a rental, trailer-mounted generator to the hospital electrical equipment, so if there is a utility power failure right now, the rental generator will power the hospital, allowing us to work on their standby unit worry free.”  
Hospital-Generac-(Custom).pngYes, it’s a turnkey operation. Not only does Generator Source offer field services including repairs, annual preventative maintenance, refueling and monitoring with 24/7 coverage, but the company also offers rentals ranging from 20 kW to 2000 kW so your business never misses a beat.

But that’s not all. Generator Source also buys and sells industrial and commercial generators. See the current inventory here. To learn more about field service in Colorado, Florida or Texas, choose your region and give us a call.   

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