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US Water's Power Restored After Car Accident
Florida Field Service Team Swaps Generators For Water Company

In the face of unexpected adversity, Generator Source once again stepped in to restore power for a trusted company, US Water. Recently at the company’s water tower site, there was an accident as a driver, who appeared to succumb to exhaustion, veered off the road, plowing through a fence and directly into the Tradewinds 60 KW generator. The unit served as a lifeline for the water tower's operations. Now it was up to Generator Source to help replace the damaged unit and restore power.

Service-Call-Ocala-(Custom).jpgA Shift Towards Reliability: Gillette 60 KW Takes the Helm
With the wheels of recovery set in motion, Generator Source swiftly sprang into action, facilitating the replacement of the damaged generator with a sturdy Gillette 60 KW model. This strategic change heralded a new era of reliability and resilience for US Water, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for the water tower.
Two Technicians, One Day: A Testament to Efficiency
Underlining Generator Source's commitment to efficiency and excellence, a team of two skilled technicians embarked on a one-day mission to set the stage for the new Gillette 60 KW generator. Their tasks were comprehensive: from setting up the generator to pulling new wires and connecting them to the automatic transfer switch (ATS), every step was executed with precision and expertise. Following meticulous preparations, the technicians performed a thorough start-up and transfer test, ensuring that the generator seamlessly assumed its new, critical role in safeguarding the water tower's operations.
Conclusion: A Testament to Resilience and Renewal
As the dust settled and the Gillette 60 KW generator hummed to life, our team and the company enjoyed a sense of accomplishment. Generator Source's swift response, coupled with the steadfast support of US Water, transformed a moment of crisis into an opportunity for growth and fortification. Together, we stand poised to face whatever challenges the future may hold, confident in our ability to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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