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Generator Source Team Ensures Uninterrupted Power For Rehab & Nursing Home Operation

At Generator Source, we understand the critical role generators play in maintaining a reliable power supply, especially in crucial facilities like a nursing home.

As you might imagine, hospitals, high-rise buildings and nursing homes must always have power! Standby generators are not only required, but essential for the operation of life support systems, lighting, heating, cooling, and power in operating rooms, for elevators and more. Our Jacksonville team plays a vital role in numerous operations and recently they were at a rehab and nursing home.
“This week our field services team performed annual preventive maintenance service coupled with a four-hour load bank test that keeps the rehab & nursing home running smoothly,” said Chad Rowland, Generator Source branch manager in Jacksonville. “With our expertise, their power systems are running at peak performance.”
Our annualpreventive maintenance service is designed to proactively address potential issues and keep generators operating at their best.
  • Oil Drain and Fill:
    • Our expert technicians begin by draining the existing oil, removing any contaminants, and ensuring a clean bill of health.
  • Filter Replacement:
    • Fuel and oil filters are replaced to ensure optimal filtration while preventing debris from compromising the generator's performance.
    • This step is vital in maintaining the longevity and efficiency of the generator.
  • Add New Oil:
    • Fresh, top-grade oil is pumped into the generator, providing enhanced lubrication and protection for critical engine components.
    • This step is crucial for preventing wear and tear, contributing to the generator's overall durability. 
The Four-Hour Load Bank Test:
Following preventive maintenance, our team moved on to the equally important four-hour load bank test. This test is a simulated exercise that places the generator under a controlled load to evaluate its capacity and performance under real-world conditions.

Setting Up Cables for Load Bank:
  • Our technicians meticulously set up all cables for the load bank test, ensuring a secure and accurate connection to the generator.
  • This step is crucial in gauging the generator's response to varying loads, identifying any potential issues before they become critical.
Benefits of the Combined Service:
  • Enhanced Performance: The service call ensures that the generator's internal components are in optimal condition, promoting efficient performance.
  • Reliability: The load bank test simulates real-world scenarios, providing confidence in the generator's ability to handle varying loads without fail.
  • Cost Savings: Proactive maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, minimizing downtime and potential repair costs.
Generator Source takes pride in a commitment to excellence. The annual PM service and load bank test for the operation exemplifies our dedication to ensuring that our clients' generators operate flawlessly when needed most.
When was the last time your generator was serviced? Our Jacksonville team can help. Call (904) 914-7355 or click here for more information and to schedule a service call. We also offer generator field services in Colorado and Austin, TX. Tap here for more information in the other regions.

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