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Empowering A Surgical Center: A Seamless Generator Upgrade

Surgical Centers, Hospitals-- Any Building Where Surgeries Or Medical Procedures Are Performed, Standby Power Is Cruicial For Daily Operations 

At Generator Source, we believe in more than just providing generators; we deliver solutions that ensure uninterrupted power for businesses. Recently, we had the privilege of partnering with Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery to upgrade their aging Cummins 80 kW industrial generator with a cutting-edge Gillette 100 kW diesel generator.
The Challenge: Rust and Aging Infrastructure

The existing Cummins commercial standby power source left our team faced with a daunting challenge – it had a rusted enclosure and tank that were both beyond repair. Recognizing the critical need for reliable power source, we presented Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery with a comprehensive solution.
The Solution: A Gillette 100 KW Powerhouse

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery opted for a larger Gillette 100 kW diesel generator. Our team seamlessly orchestrated the replacement and decommissioning of the old unit, ensuring a swift transition from the outdated system to the new standby generator. The entire process, from the removal of the old generator to the installation of the Gillette 100 kW, was completed efficiently by 9:00 am the same day.
Ponte-Vedra-Plastic-Surgery-Service-Call-(2)-(Custom)-(1).jpgPrecision And Expertise

The success of this project required meticulous execution by our skilled team. To lift the generator out of a hedged border with precision, we used a crane and then carefully lowered the new Gillette 100 kW into position. Two of our seasoned professionals, accompanied by a crane operator, ensured a seamless transition that met the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Suzi Veal, clinic manager for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, expressed her excitement, stating, "I've been working on getting this generator switched for 10 years now!"

Our team's dedication not only met the center's expectations but exceeded them, bringing an end to a decade-long endeavor for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.


Conclusion: Beyond Generators, Solutions Unveiled

At Generator Source, we don't just sell generators; we craft solutions. The Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery project is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of generator service. As we celebrate this successful upgrade, we invite you to explore how Generator Source can empower your business with reliable and efficient power solutions.

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