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Correctional Facilities Count On GS Field Services To Stay Locked Down!
Places Like Prisons Can't Operate Without Standby Power. That's Why Generator Source Takes Great Pride In Keeping Them Energized And Secure!

There are many institutions, unique buildings, and interesting industries you may never think about in our society, particularly when it comes to how they stay powered during a hurricane or even man-made power outages like a rolling blackout or even an attack on an electrical grid substation. It’s good to know places like hospitals and jails for that matter—have standby power in the form of industrial generators when the main power supply fails. That’s where Generator Source comes in.
Where might a person find themselves who attempts to sabotage a power station? They might end up in a correctional facility! Yes, prison or a jail! That’s exactly where our Jacksonville, Florida Field Services team was this past week as they made sure a Florida facility’s standby power supply is ready for the worst-case scenario.

Prison-Generator-10-(Custom).jpg“We had a project at a prison where we removed their existing Generac generator and 600 AMP automatic transfer switch (ATS) and replaced the system with a new 300 KW Caterpillar generator and 600 AMP ATS,” said Chad Rowland, Generator Source Jacksonville branch manager. “We connected the new unit using the existing conduits and wiring, extending conduits wiring as necessary. Then we connected the new fuel lines to the Caterpillar.
“But what about the power supply when the generator was disconnected?” added Rowland. “What if we had a power outage and no standby power while we worked? Would someone try to escape if the power went out? Sounds like a movie script, but it won’t happen. As part of all the work we do on standby power systems, we connect temporary power with an onsite portable generator before we disconnect the main generator for service. Yes, we can supply rental,   temporary power if a client needs that while we work on a standby unit.  
 “Not every generator is easy to reach when we get to a location, so in this case, we had to remove a fence and reinstall it for easier access,” added Rowland. “The electrical Install was provided by our friends with Legacy Power.”
So now the correctional facility will continue to stay locked down! Numerous industries count on Generator Source all over the country. We have field service teams in Florida, Colorado and Texas. Here in Florida, If you need service, a repair, generator maintenance, refueling or even need to sell and upgrade your current standby power supply, reach out to us at (904) 914-7355 or click here to learn more.   


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