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Jacksonville Fabrication Team Showcases Amazing Enclosure Work 

Recently, a Cummins genset showed up at our Jacksonville yard, not looking too good. The generator and engine were fine, but during transit, the shipping company must've had an issue in which the generator shifted and slid, bumping into the enclosure, causing the enclosure to bend and break in a few spots. No worries, with the more important generator being untouched, our team was able to fabricate a new enclosure and the 600 kW unit never looked better. 

Picture1-(Custom).pngLesson be learned for the seller/trucking compnay-- never ship a genset unit without bolting the unit to the enclosure. I was thinking that would kind of be a given right?
"What problems did our team solve?" said Chad Rowland at our Jacksonville office. "The team started with moving the genset back into the enclosure and securing it. They also updated the controller to a DSE, then replaced all control wires and the engine sensors. Lastly, the fabrication team was able to repair the enclosure to like new condition, so this Cummins is now available and a great piece."

Take a look at the finished project below. We rarely have to fabricate anything like an enclosure, but its nice to know our team of skilled and talented fabricators can perform amazing work when needed. 


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