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Dade City Retirement Home Generator Upgrade Project

In the heart of Dade City, the Generator Source Jacksonville field services team recently undertook a crucial project at a prominent retirement home. Our team embarked on a mission to replace an older CAT 230 KW generator with a robust Kohler 200 KW powerhouse, ensuring uninterrupted power for the facility 24/7.

The Challenge: Outdated Infrastructure and Aging Generator

Faced with an aging CAT 230 KW generator, the retirement home recognized the need for a more reliable upgrade. The existing infrastructure posed a challenge, but Generator Source was up for the task at hand.

Precision Unleashed: A Two-Day Transformation

A dedicated two-man team, equipped with precision and expertise, executed a well-coordinated plan. The removal process involved untangling electrical lines, unbolting the enclosure, and carefully disconnecting fuel lines. With the stage set, a crane operator joined forces with our team to lift the old generator out, making way for the new Kohler 200 KW.

Behind the Scenes: 14 Hours of Dedication

Undertaking such a transformation requires more than technical expertise; it demands dedication. Over two days, our team invested a total of 14 hours to seamlessly integrate the new generator into the retirement home's power infrastructure. This commitment reflects our promise to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

Dade-City-Service-Call-(2)-(Custom).jpgConclusion: Elevating Expectations in Power Solutions

At Generator Source, we understand the pivotal role generators play in critical facilities like retirement homes. This project in Dade City reflects our commitment to delivering not just generators, but tailored solutions that elevate reliability and resilience.

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