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New Cummins 450 kW Indoor Generator
Anyone looking for assurance and convenience when it comes to standby and portable power generators does not have to look any farther than Cummins Onan. Primarily offering power generators for residential, commercial mobile, marine, and recreational vehicles, Cummins Onan power generators have been known as reliable and dependable for many decades.

Built by Cummins Power Generation, which is a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., the Cummins Onan brand has a strong history and a reputation that was built on the concept of high-quality and peace of mind.


No matter where the residential property is located, Cummins Onan residential power generators give homeowners an unparalleled level of comfort in knowing that if their power goes out, a reliable standby power generator is ready to kick into action on a moment's notice.

Cummins Onan residential backup power generators are compact, permanently installed, run on either natural gas or propane, and do not cause a disturbance to neighbors.

Commercial Mobile

When it comes to commercial mobile automobiles that are as important as fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, Cummins Onan power generators are a top choice. Built with quality and reliability in mind, Cummins Onan is one of the most trusted brands in the commercial mobile power generator sector.


New Cummins 200 kW Outdoor Generator
Offering incredibly innovative marine generator sets, Cummins Onan marine diesel generators are easy to use, self-monitoring, reliable, and not loud.

The Cummins Onan brand has been involved in the marine power generation industry for many decades, and has refined the design of its marine generators which allows boaters to feel safe and secure while on the water.

Recreational Vehicles

Anyone traveling in a recreational vehicle relies on the dependability of a power generator. Available in diesel, gasoline and liquid propane varieties.

Cummins Onan has been providing convenient power to RVs for many years. When traveling long distances, power generators are of the greatest importance, and Cummins Onan are convenient and provide dependability.

Backed by the Cummins name, the Cummins Onan brand offers power generators that are not only built to last, but also built with environmental factors in mind. Cummins Onan is highly regarded and trusted. Founded in 1920, Cummins is a brand that is here to stay with backup power that offers dependable solutions to residential, commercial mobile, marine, recreational vehicle and other sectors requiring standby and/or portable power applications.
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