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Caterpillar Diesel Generators: World Class Commercial Power

Caterpillar Produces Quality Generators

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For generations, Caterpillar has been the brand of generators you can trust. Known worldwide for their high quality heavy equipment, machinery, and generators, Caterpillar offers customers many years of reliable safety and outstanding service.

Their line of commercial generators provide thousands of hours of use before any maintenance is even required, making them a wise choice for people in the market for everything from small to large scale generators. Caterpillar offers a wide variety of large and small generator sets as well, with power ranges from 7 kW all the way to 16,200 kW, giving them a serious edge in the generator market.

Their generators are easy to specify, and easy to purchase. With fuel costs becoming a major decision factor, Caterpillar has you covered with world-class fuel efficiency, saving you money on high refill costs. In addition, all of Caterpillar’s generator sets have plenty of options to choose from including a wide range of various attachments.

When you need a strong backup power generator that can provide solutions for your business, go with Caterpillar. Not only are their generators world class, but the components included are top quality as well. Batteries, fuel tank bases, security casings, air cleaners, electronic governors, and much more are all available from the Caterpillar line to help make your generator run even more efficiently.

With a great track record, a huge customer base with lots of satisfaction, and reliable service, Caterpillar generators are an excellent choice when it comes to your backup power needs. Whether you own a small business or are in charge of a large corporation, Caterpillar has generators to suit your own personal needs.

Generator Source is a generator reseller and distributor that carries both new and used Caterpillar generators for sale, so be sure to ask us about purchase options today. Buying a used Caterpillar generator is not only cost effective, but it can give you hours of power with little to no maintenance. The Caterpillar brand assures you that you’ll get the service you’ve come to expect. 

World-Wide Leader

Caterpillar Generator Enclosure Shipping to Customer
For years, Caterpillar has been a worldwide recognized brand name. Their line of generators provides reliable service for your prime and backup power needs. Whether you own a small business or a large one, you can count on Caterpillar generators to give you the security of a constant power supply.   

Look for additional Caterpillar used parts and accessories as well such as switches, casings, and cooling systems, just to name a few. Hospitals, data centers, mining facilities, and more have come to rely on the Caterpillar line of generators, both new and used.

A rebuilt Caterpillar generator provides the same excellent service that the new ones do, while saving your company money.
Many companies have chosen used Caterpillar generator sets to provide them with the power they need to continue functioning in times of power loss. Their generators run clean, saving you money on fuel costs, and also providing a clean environment as well. In times of emergency, rely on Caterpillar used generators to give you the edge in your business.

The name Caterpillar is synonymous with strength, quality, and reliability. By purchasing a used Caterpillar generator from Generator Source, you can be sure you’ll get the service you need for all kinds of applications.

From industrial use to home use, Caterpillar has been a household name for many generations.
Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff about purchasing a used Caterpillar generator and be prepared to have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a quality brand.
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