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Natural Gas Generators for Small Businesses

Small businesses and individuals throughout the country are re-evaluating the need to have a standby power generator for their company.  Every year, thousands of small business owners around the globe will experience a power outage. The loss of power at the wrong time can be very costly to the bottom line and natural gas generators offer several practical efficiencies that are worth considering. 

During the past few years (2015 and 2016), here at Generator Source we have seen a substantial increase in the number of small business owners contacting us for smaller natural gas generator sets. These generators can range from as small as 25 kW to 300 kW or so in size.  

Natural gas fits several needs for the small business owner, here’s a few of the key advantages:
  • More environmentally friendly - natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels.
  • Tying into an existing natural gas line is a convenient and cost effective option.  
  • Ideal for reducing ongoing costs when used to power small business facilities like restaurants, service shops, home offices and houses. This is primarily since electricity from the main utility source is always available and much cheaper.
  • Eliminates most fuel considerations (storage, re-fueling, spillage, spoilage, and maintenance).
  • Natural gas does not produce a pungent odor like some other engines.
  • Readily available in large cities since it is delivered directly through pipelines. 
  • Over-time offers a lower capital cost expense.  
Olympian-Natural-Gas-(1).jpgClick here for a list of all natural gas generators Generator Source currently has in stock.

The natural gas option has enabled individuals and small businesses alike to make a cost effective choice that integrates the existing infrastructure especially if a gas line is already present at your location.  A high-quality used natural gas generator offers an additional way to save even more money versus buying a new one.

We are always looking to Buy Used Natural Gas Generators!

Generator Source has been experiencing a surge in sales of smaller natural gas generators so we are always interested in purchasing these kinds of units. If you have a natural gas generator for sale, please contact us. We would love to hear from you or have you refer people to us. We buy used generators on a regular basis and will handle shipping and logistics for de-installation, wire money to your bank and ensure you will have a seamless transaction.

Finding low hour generators with very little use is our specialty. We are constantly on the hunt for these kinds of generators. Currently we offer several units in this range for small businesses to consider. 

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