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40+ MTU Tier 4 Generators (20 kW & 30 kW) Ready for Shipment!

Generator Source is proud to offer more than 40 brand new MTU diesel standby generators! These generators sets are 2019, 0.5-hour Tier 4 rated MTU 20 kW diesel standby generators (37x units) and MTU 30 kW (5x units) generators, and provide a great option for maintaining backup power during utility outages and emergencies. These are ideal units for homeowners and businesses in California or other areas where local air regulators required Tier 4 equipment.  These units were designed and build specifically for a telecom company to backup cell phone towers.  See below for additional details and specifications on these great units!

20 kW and 30 kW MTU Standby Diesel Generators

Engine, Alternator & Controller MTU 20 kW
Homeowners and small businesses with moderage emergency backup power requirements can benefit from the reliability and sound attenuation of these generator units. The generators are also perfect to power remote equipment that requires backup power (such as water treatment and pumping).

The PG&E instituted Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) has led many businesses into upgrading or installing a backup generator to provide power during a utility power shutdown.

Generator Source is proud to offer MTU 20 kW (37x) and MTU 30 kW (5x) generators for those that have the desire to maintain power during utility outages.

Locate, Connect & Place into Service

All 42 generators are all housed in sound attenuated enclosures. They are ready to be set on flat level ground and connected to the building grid to meet standby power requirements. The engine, radiator, and alternator (generator end) are all mounted on a framework design surrounded by an enclosure.

Once the generators are set on a flat surface, they are ready to be connected to the load to supply power. Some of the features of the enclosure are:
  • Enclosure Optional Features Installed
    • Constructed with a wind rating of 190 mph
    • Internal hospital-grade silencer
    • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • Fuel Tank Sub-Base Standard Features
    • UL 142 listed, ULC-S601
    • Double wall tank construction
    • Fuel level gauge equipped with electronic sending unit.
Generator Source has been in the generator business for more than 38 years. All new generators have a manufacturer's warranty. Often, we can arrange for shipping within 24 hours of purchase. Go to MTU Generators to view our inventory. Below are some of the specifications of our featured generators.

MTU 30 kW Generator SetsEngine, Alternator & Circuit Breaker MTU 30 kW Generator

The new 30 kW generator sets all have advanced electronic controls. The engines are Tier 4 rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are considered a turn-key power generation solution. The generator output can be connected to the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and is ready to assume electrical load requirements. 

Generator and Engine Specifications

Some of the specifications for the engine and generator are:
  • New 2019 models with 0.5 hours of operation
  • Standby rating
  • Auto Start & Stop
  • 30 kW capacity
  • 240 VAC @ 60 Hz (single phase)
  • Diesel fueled engine
  • Electronic controlled engine & generator
  • Digital generator control panel
  • Exhaust scoop
  • Hospital-grade silencer
  • Sound attenuation kit
  • Enclosure rated for 190 mph wind speed
  • 125-amp output circuit breaker
  • 210-gallon fuel tank

Details & Photos

John Deere Engine Package

John Deere engines meet Tier 4 emission requirements while delivering clean start and running with fuel-efficient performance and are equipped with a high-pressure common rail fuel system that boasts 1975 bar or 29,000 psi of injection fuel pressure. The engine uses a wastegate turbocharger with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. Exhaust filters contain a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a particulate filter to reduce particulate matter and other damaging exhaust gases.

MTU 20 kW Generator Sets

MTU Generators Ready to Unload and Check In
The 37 new MTU 20 kW generator sets are in-stock and ready to be transported to your site.  Below are the basic specifications for the generators:
  • Capacity - 240 VAC, single-phase supply @ 20 kW
  • Rating - Standby
  • Year Manufactured - 2019
  • Hours of Operation - 0 (New)
  • Generator Model - MTU 4R0055 DS20
  • Engine Model - Isuzu 4LE1NYGV04
  • Engine block heater

MTU Generator Package & Features

The generator, engine, radiator, and circuit breaker are all housed in a weather protective enclosure. The enclosure is equipped with a fuel tank. Below are some of the generator features:
  • Auto Start & Stop
  • 80-amp circuit breaker
  • 75-gallon double-wall fuel tank
  • Electronic controlled engine & generator. 
  • Digital generator control panel
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • 190 mph wind rated enclosure
  • Engine starting battery & charger

MTU 20 kW Generator Details & Photos 

Unit  Unit  Unit Unit Unit Unit
88119 88120 88121 88122 88123 88120

Isuzu Engine Package

A four-cylinder, four-stroke Isuzu engine rotates the MTU alternator (generator end). Naturally aspirated intake system equipped with a dry style air filter. Indirect injection fuel system with an overhead valve train. The 2.2 liter boasts 33 to 41 hp @ 1800 rpm and 50 to 62 hp @ 2500 to 2600 rpm.

MTU Onsite Energy Generator Control Panels

MTU Onsite Energy Generator Controller
MTU 20 kW and 30 kW generators are equipped with an MGC-1550 Digital Generator Set Controller. Consisting of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controlled by panel soft buttons. The 1500 series controllers offer a wide range of control and monitoring functions. Below is a brief list:
  • Contact Sensing Inputs Contacts - One emergency stop and seven programmable inputs
  • Engine System Inputs - Fuel level, coolant temperature, oil pressure, and engine speed
  • Seven Output Contacts - Prestart, Start and run contact with four general purpose
  • Power Factor and Real Power Metering
  • Engine Monitoring - Oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine rpm and engine run time
  • Enclosure Monitoring - Fuel tank level and battery voltage
  • Generator Protection - Over and under voltage, over and under frequency & phase imbalance
  • Battery backup for real-time clock
This controller can also be upgraded with a CEM-2020 Expansion Module. The module adds 10 contact inputs and 24 contact outputs. It communicates via SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN) bus with the generator controller.

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