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September 2008

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How Does a Generator Create Electricity? 
Generator Components and How They Work
This month's feature article covers the basic functions of an electric power generator and its major components.  Get fundamental information on how mechanical energy is converted into useable electricity.  Also included is a breakdown of an industrial generator into its main components, descriptions of their functions, and a detailed illustration.  In an effort to provide our readers with a growing library of useful information, we have also added two new articles to the site. If you're interested in additional reading, be sure to check these other articles out as well using the links here or on our Articles & Info page: Generator Fuel Tanks and Generator Control Panels.  
You know generators create electricity but have you ever wondered how?  This month's article aims to answer that question and much more. Inside you'll find detailed info on energy conversion, primary components of a generator, a breakdown on their functions, and a supporting graphic.
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Katolight 1750 kW
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In the News

Mining Project will Benefit from Massive Generators - AZ Daily Star (9/24)


An Arizona mining company utilizes giant diesel generators for a large excavating project.  Ten 2.5 megawatt generators were unloaded for use, which was a project in itself. Click here to read more >>

Using Diesel Fuel...Not So Bad? The Economic Times (9/23)


Click here to

Data Center Survives Hurricane IkeThe Wall Street Journal (9/23)


CyrusOne's Enterprise Data Center hurdles obstacles such as flooding, excessive high winds and power outages.  Diesel generators were implemented to ensure an imperative, constant supply of power. Click here to read more >>

Ike Leaves Millions Without Power CTV News (9/13)


As the damage is assessed in Texas, officials estimate millions of residences and companies were left without power along the path of destruction left by the hurricane. Click here to read more >>

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