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October 2009

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Winter Power Outages:
Blizzards, Ice & Wind Storms

For many throughout North America, winter is already here; freezing temperatures and snow are already falling in some areas and right around the corner for others. Every winter, along with sub-zero temperatures, a number of these regions face devastating storms.  Snowstorms, ice storms, and wind storms can all wreak havoc at times, bringing life to a standstill for days, weeks, and even months. In addition to causing road closures, winter storms usually end up creating a wide variety of issues with the electrical power supply.  For more information on the various types of storms, damage they can cause, and how you can limit your risk and exposure by purchasing a backup generator, read the full article by clicking the link below:
Winter is already here for much of North America and you can rest assured Mother Nature will be causing all sorts of problems with the electrical power supply again.       
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Caterpillar 60kW - $24,950
Caterpillar 60 kW
*Trailer Mounting Available* 250 Amp @ 120/240 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz, Sound Attenuated Enclosure, Safety Shut Down, 12 Volt Alternator, Air Cleaner, Digital Engine Panel, Battery Charger  Click here to view more info >>
Cummins 1000 kW - $182,000
Cummins 1000 kW
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In the News

Oil Company Implements Diesel Generators - CS News (10/14)


Atlas Oil Company recently launched its generator assurance plan.  The fuel supplier added diesel generators to its facilities to prevent interruptions in fuel supplies to its customers during power outages. Click here to read more >>

Tanzanian Residents ask for Power The Citizen (10/21)


Click here to

Energy Grants in the WorksThe Wall Street Journal (10/27)


The Obama administration launched a campaign that began in Central Florida announcing grants to companies who will contribute to the new smart grid.  Major utility companies such as Duke Energy Corp. will receive funds for their efforts in reducing greenhouse emissions and making the power grid more energy efficient.  Click here to read more >>

Generators Help Expand Power Plant The Tribune (10/20)


The Bahamas Electricity Corporation, the main utility company for the island, is expanding its generator system to meet increasing energy needs.  Two 4.4 megawatt generators will be added to ensure the forecasted demands for power are met.  Click here to read more >>

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