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November 2008

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Generator Phase Conversion

When deciding to purchase an electric power generator for your home or business it is important to consider the phase at which the generator will supply power. Generators are configured to operate on either single- or three-phase power depending on how the generator is wired. However, most generators can be reconfigured to supply either type of power. For residential applications, generators supply single-phase power as most household appliances operate on this type of power supply. For larger commercial or industrial applications, the power supply is typically three-phase which is more suited for supplying larger amounts of power at higher voltages. Remember, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer when installing or configuring generator components.  
Caterpillar 1500 kW 
When powering equipment with a generator it is important to know if the equipment runs on a single or three-phase power supply.  Most generators can be converted to either single or three-phase power supply.  
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Mitsubishi 1000 kW - $149,000
Mitsubishi 1000 kW
472 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 1503 Amps @ 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 6 Lead Non-Reconnectable, Air Cleaner, Circuit Breaker, Block Heater, Std. Generator & Engine Panel, Enclosed. Click here to view more info >>
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516 - $149,000
Caterpillar 1250 kW - 3516
2207.5 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 248 Amps @ 2400/4160 Volt, 6 Lead Non-Reconnectable, Air Cleaner, Muffler, Block Heater, NEW Engine Mount Radiator, Skid Mounted. Click here to view more info >>
In the News

Mobile Generator Runs on Fuel Cells - Fuelcellmarkets.com (11/17)


A first for the Dutch, a mobile fuel cell powered generator was introduced.  NedStack is a Dutch owned company that has developed fuel cell technology that converts hydrogen into energy. Click here to read more >>

Generator Retailers Turn to New Markets Market Watch (11/17)


Click here to

A Hybrid Yacht Runs on Solar and Diesel GeneratorsWired.com (11/14)

An eco friendly yacht?  This ocean vessel combines solar power with diesel generators which some yachts can run up to two hours with zero emissions. Click here to read more >>

The Hilton Purchases Generators for its Hotels Travelwires.com (11/18)


A Hotel group, the Hilton, invests in six upscale generators for two of its locations.  Two generators will supply backup power for the Durban hotel and four will be allocated to the Sandton location in South Africa. Click here to read more >>

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