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May 2009

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Power Grid – Upgrade and Expansion
Due to the exponential increase in demand for energy, the United States government is under pressure to modernize a century old power grid.  Concepts such as a smart grid, which build a nationwide backbone for energy distribution and also create systems that will enable a two-way flow of power between the regional network and consumers are a part of the new administration's plan to improve the efficiency and supply of energy to North America.  Renewable resources will also play a big role moving forward providing a cheaper and more clean form of energy to its many end users. The US Department of Energy was granted more than 4 billion dollars as part of the new stimulus package to expand and upgrade an aging system.  This month's feature article discusses the current state of the power grid and what the infrastructure of the United States might look like in the future.    
As the need for power grows, the United States is looking at new ideas to improve a power grid that uses out-dated technologies and was built in the 20th century.
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In the News

Back-Up Generators for a Power Plant - The News & Observer (5/22)


A nuclear power plant in Raleigh North Carolina has installed new diesel generators to meet the current federal safety standards.  The upgrades were made to improve fire safety standards and Shearon Harris is the first power plant in the nation to do so. Click here to read more >>

Power Outages in India and Pakistan The International News (5/22)


Click here to

An Australian Town Opts for Diesel GeneratorsEsperance Express (5/15)


The town of Ravensthorpe was granted by the state government use of diesel generators to combat frequent power outages.  The generators will provide power to residences and business until a long term solution for power is in place, which some solutions could take up to two years before they are in place.  Click here to read more >>

East African Generator Sales Thrive Scotsman.com (5/24)


Companies that supply generators in the city of Addis Abeba are experiencing a large increase in demand for their product.  Load shedding periods required by the government creates a need for diesel generators so that businesses can continue to operate during power outages. Click here to read more >>

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