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March 2009

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Diesel Generator Output Rating
Generator power ratings are influenced by the conditions of the surrounding environment.  There are several environmental factors that can affect or alter the power output of diesel generators; including temperature, altitude, humidity and fuel consistency.  Electrical equipment needs to be supplied by a power source that does not fluctuate and is consistent with the local power grid or damage could be caused to valuable or sensitive equipment.  Important precautions can be taken such as winterizing the fuel or adjusting the diesel engine to function at higher altitudes to ensure the generator is always running at peak efficiency.  The following article will outline and summarize the several environmental factors that can alter the power output of a natural gas or diesel generator.    
It is necessary that a consistent supply of power be used when powering appliances and other equipment to prevent damage.  This article explains what factors can affect the power output of diesel generators and what can be done to keep it running at peak efficiency.
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In the News

Norwich Buys Generators to Lower Costs - Norwich Bulletin (3/24)


A utility company in Connecticut purchased generators to be placed throughout the city in an effort to keep electric costs at bay.  The small generators will run during peak consumption hours and in turn should lower the costs for energy in Norwich. Click here to read more >>

NamPower Plans to Build Power Plant Engineering News (3/24)


Click here to

An Arena Uses a Generator for Standby PowerBracebridge Examiner (3/23)


Gravenhurst Centennial Centre in Ontario Canada purchased a diesel and natural gas powered generator to run the arena during power outages.  The arena not only hosts sporting events, it also is used as a shelter during emergency situations. Click here to read more >>

A Minnesota Company Sells 40 Generators to Peru Media Wire (3/28)


MTU Onsite Energy has made a deal to ship 40 diesel generators to the Peruvian Energy Authority to help supply power to the Northern Province of Peru.  The combined output of power for the diesel generators could supply electricity to 30,000 homes in the U.S. Click here to read more >>

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