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June 2009

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The Future of Power
As the demand for energy increases throughout the world, so does the demand for new power technologies and forms of renewable energy to help supply power for the planet.  Fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas have limited sources; and as they are depleted, it is necessary to look to other alternative energy sources for cleaner and more abundant forms of power.  Some alternatives include biofuels, fuel cells, oceanic energy, wind, and solar power.  Nuclear power is also increasing in demand; however, their are still barriers and questions regarding the safety of such power supplies.  The following feature article discusses what the future of power generation might look like as many countries try to find new forms of energy that are efficient as well as safe for our environment.   
As the demand for power is growing nearly exponentially,  new forms of renewable energy are being researched and developed in hopes of addressing the increasing need for energy throughout the world.
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Mitsubishi 1000 kW - $119,000
Mitsubishi 1000 kW
472 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 1503 Amps @ 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 6 Lead Non-Reconnectable, Air Cleaner, Circuit Breaker, Block Heater, Std. Generator & Engine Panel, Enclosed. Click here to view more info >>
Cummins 1500 kW - $229,000
Cummins 1500 kW
125.8 Hours, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 2255 Amps @ 277/480 Volts, 6 Lead Non-Reconnectable, 2220 Hp @ 1800 Rpm, Air Cleaner, Circuit Breaker, Waterproof Enclosure, Battery Charger, Radiator. Click here to view more info >>
In the News

Coal Over Hydrogen? - Managingpowermag.com (6/26)


A With hydrogen falling by the wayside as an alternative fuel source, the Obama administration backs coal production.  The energy secretary states hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles was ineffective and the new administration will spend $2.4 developing carbon storage and capture research. Click here to read more >>

Cap-and-Trade or a Carbon Tax? Managingpowermag.com (6/26)


Click here to

Mining Firm Commissions Seven Diesel GeneratorsMining Weekly (6/26)


Gold Fields South Deep mine in Southern Africa is undergoing major infrastructure upgrades.  The gold mine will be installed with back-up emergency diesel generators to ensure the safety of the miners during a power outage.  Click here to read more >>

Titan Energy Wins Bid for Back-Up Power Marketwatch.com (6/25)


Titan Energy Worldwide receives a $600,000 contract to provide stand-by power generators for military telecommunication sites across America.  The diesel generators will provide power during outages to ensure there are no interruptions in communications at various military installations. Click here to read more >>

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